Tangible Investments was worth the visit. As a customer, expect attentive service and trustworthy advice! Gage Schehr was knowledgeable and provided what I needed to accomplish during my visit.

Maria Boyd, Google Sept2023

The amazing place to go to for jewelry art and rare coins in Laguna Beach, parking ample on the streets but does have to be paid hourly I believe.

Evan S., Yelp Sept2023

I had an outstanding experience with Tangible Investments Inc, purchasing a 14 ct gold necklace for my wife for an anniversary present. The staffer there quickly responded to all questions immediately and the transaction went smoothly. I placed the order on a Friday and received it on Monday. The piece is beautiful and the extra fast service was beyond my expectations. I highly recommend using this merchant.

William Greygor, Google July 2023

Very friendly staff. Very clean & elegant place, full of great pieces of furniture, art, hidden treasures, etc.
A great place to find special gift.
it’s like walking into a museum. Well worth it the driving for the experience.

Vanessa Vilchez, Google July 2023

Bought some gold and silver from Tangible. Rod was knowledgeable and good with customer service. When picking up the metals, the rest of the staff were pleasant as well. Glad to have a trustworthy source.

Matt Kincade, Google March 2023

In the world of collectibles. You need to find someone to work with who exemplifies the highest ideals of transparency and honesty because otherwise you will never realize maximum value for your prized collection. Tangible Investments, and Sil DiGenova, the owner, fit that bill perfectly. In fact, in my opinion, you will never do any better.

Marvin F, Google December 2022

Rod helped me with an appraisal of over 150 old coins. He examined each and every one meticulously. I was pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend Tangible Investments.

Kris Parker, Google December 2022

Met Silvano at the Baltimore Show and was pleased that a dealer with his pedigree graciously took the time to share some advice and help me out with a grading issue. Obviously great knowledge but also a very nice person to deal with. Thanks!!!

Mike Wisniewski, Google November 2022

My dad had scheduled an appointment with Gage. My brother and I accompanied our dad, Merlyn Richmond to the appointment. Gage was extremely knowledgeable and incredibly helpful with going through the coins Merl brought to him. He educated us all as well as addressed all of Merl’s questions and concerns. Gage is the real deal and extremely humble to do business with. We highly recommend Tangibles.

Kim Sheldon, Google November 2022

We’ve done our homework before we came to this business to sell a few coins that we have been holding for some time. Gage assisted us with our transaction on that day and he was very polite, engaging and gave us a better deal than we expected. We highly recommend this place as they have been in business in Laguna Beach for many years specializing in rare coins exchanges to buy and sell.

C. Tabisky, Yelp November 2022

This is an exceptional source for very special treasures. Meticulous quality and personal service that is rare! Well packaged. Super fast shipping. Ten stars!!! Carol R. NY

Carol Reid, Google September 2022

Offered me a decent price for my jewelry, Small shop with interesting things. Is honest and informative about the different pieces..

Mike S., Yelp March 2022

Worked with Mike and Silvano to review my assets and begin to liquidate my holdings. couldn’t be happier. Silvano is an expert above all and was very helpful with details and planning for each of my items. Mike was extremely helpful with everything and to expedite my first transaction and ensure i had funds available when i needed them. they provided very good rates as well. totally recommend.

D.H., Yelp April 2022

Very pleased with my jewelry purchase. Thank you.

Sparkette, Google Feb 2022

I went in to try and sell some proof sets and jewelry that I have had for over 40 years. Gage took the time to look at everything and explain what I actually had and although all the items were not worth as much as I had hoped, he was very fair with what he gave me for the items he was willing to buy. I was most impressed because I was then ready to purchase a gold coin from him when he stopped me to ask a question and give me a bit of information I didn’t know…that, in the long run will save me hundreds if not thousands of dollars…He didn’t have to tell me that, and I am grateful that he was so honest and upfront! I would recommend Tangible Investments to anyone looking to sell/buy gold, silver, jewelry, or coins. I will definitely go back!

Paul D., Yelp Feb 2022

I First met Mike Bonham when I called him for advice about a rare coin I had purchased. He advised me free of charge that I had made a mistake. Based on his information , I was able to get a full return of that purchase. Since then Mike has served me well when buying and selling. He always gets me or gives me a good price Mike has held coins for me at his business, and I was able to sell them at a good market price. I trusted Mike and he has never let me down. Besides being an expert in precious metals and rare coins, he is a nice person . He has been very friendly to me, and I consider him a good friend. I highly recommend Mike Bonham for tangible investments. I recommended him to my family and good friends.

Thomas S., Yelp March 2022

I have been dealing with this company for a couple of years and feel very confident in my dealings with Rod. I have both sold and bought gold and silver from this company in Laguna Beach. I have to say and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Christy’s mom

Susan M., Yelp Feb 2022

My experience with Tangible Investments, Inc. Was good. both Rod and John were great guys! They treated me fairly and made me feel comfortable with our transaction. it was also an educational experience for me. getting to know about the things I was selling and how to determine what they were worth. I will definitely go back to see them when I have something they would be interested in! And just want to say Thanks again Rod and John. Sincerely, Mark Collins

Mark Collins, Google Feb 2022

Great experience. They helped with my questions. Bought some silver. They are not PUSHY

Aristeo Montaño – Google Dec 2021

So cute love love love. Come here every once in a while. So cute. I bought a few nifty things here. Hoping to come back and find more

Tiffany G, Yelp Nov 2021

First off I’d like to especially thank Rod for providing a great experience. Not only was he extremely professional but he also displayed concern with regard to a personal matter I had and explained to him when I arrived. Can’t express how grateful I am that there are still establishments that employ people with integrity. Thanks again Rod for everything Respectfully Brian

Brian Baker, Google Sept 2021

I have worked with Mike Bonham and his team at Tangible Investment for over 10 years. This company is the most trustworthy, honest, and reliable team I have ever worked with in this asset management business of any class. I can say for a fact that I have worked with many others since I started purchasing Gold and Silver in 2006. Unfortunately, most of these other companies did not live up to their promises and were far less than honest, stealing my metals, overpricing storage, and creating huge artificial spreads. They marketed themselves on network TV, overpriced their metals, or wrote books about silver befriend me, and then refused my calls for advice after making sizable purchases. I lost more money through dishonesty in this gold market than in the rising or falling prices of metals. This is why I urge you to take my advice and invest with Tangible Investment. Trust is extremely important in this business. Trust no other company with your precious metals. Allow Mike to advise you and guide you in your purchase.

Anthony G.
May 17, 2021

Anthony G, Customer May 2021
For years I have postponed selling my old jewelry. I brought in a shopping bag of rings, necklaces and bracelets. The associate who worked with me was Gage Shirer, who was kind and very professional. He took a lot of time organizing and identifying the real from the costume. Also identified the better quality gold. He identified several pieces that had value that I hadn’t known. He even separated two gold chains that were tangled together, identifying one as of value and the other of no value. I walked out of the place richer by over a thousand dollars and the costume jewelry too. When I got to the business, it was locked. I had an appointment and was buzzed in. Gage took me to a cubical where I felt safe. After meticulously identifying, weighing and measuring the pieces with value, Gage calculated the price they would pay. I was immediately compensated. I highly recommend this business. COVID-19 restrictions were observed throughout the experience. If I find other pieces to sell, I will definitely go back to this business. Heather Clark
Heather Clark, Google April 2021

Wow!!!  What a fantastic experience!!!

My wife and I decided to sell our silver and had contacted numerous gold/silver dealers to inquire what the process was and what they could offer us.  We heard about Tangible Investments on KFI 640 radio.  I called them and Gage answered my call.  What a pleasant and knowledgeable person and very professional.  Treated me like we were old friends.  Since we had a substantial amount of silver he referred me to Mike Bonham who is the Sr. Vice President.  Mike also was so very personable and a wonderful person.  When he called us with his offer to buy our silver it was by far the best offer by a long shot.  He guided us through the entire process and made all the arrangements.  When we delivered our silver to their store Mike was out of the office and Gage met us and handled everything.  Gage introduced us to Silvano the founder and president who gave us a personal tour of the entire store and also treated us like family.  He even gave us a copy of his book The Investor’s Guide to U.S. Coins which was a very personal touch.  We had our money in our checking account within an hour of arriving.   I can’t say enough good things about the caring staff and service we received.  Top notch.  We recommend everyone to come see them first before going elsewhere as they are the greatest.  Thanks to everyone there for a great experience in customer service.


Sincerely, Linda and Dave

The guys took their time and explained everything as they went through all my stuff.
Very fair and we are very happy with what we were paid for our pieces of jewelry, silver, and coins.
Highly recommend!