Offered me a decent price for my jewelry, Small shop with interesting things. Is honest and informative about the different pieces..

Mike S., Yelp March 2022

Worked with Mike and Silvano to review my assets and begin to liquidate my holdings. couldn’t be happier. Silvano is an expert above all and was very helpful with details and planning for each of my items. Mike was extremely helpful with everything and to expedite my first transaction and ensure i had funds available when i needed them. they provided very good rates as well. totally recommend.

D.H., Yelp April 2022

Very pleased with my jewelry purchase. Thank you.

Sparkette, Google Feb 2022

I went in to try and sell some proof sets and jewelry that I have had for over 40 years. Gage took the time to look at everything and explain what I actually had and although all the items were not worth as much as I had hoped, he was very fair with what he gave me for the items he was willing to buy. I was most impressed because I was then ready to purchase a gold coin from him when he stopped me to ask a question and give me a bit of information I didn’t know…that, in the long run will save me hundreds if not thousands of dollars…He didn’t have to tell me that, and I am grateful that he was so honest and upfront! I would recommend Tangible Investments to anyone looking to sell/buy gold, silver, jewelry, or coins. I will definitely go back!

Paul D., Yelp Feb 2022

I First met Mike Bonham when I called him for advice about a rare coin I had purchased. He advised me free of charge that I had made a mistake. Based on his information , I was able to get a full return of that purchase. Since then Mike has served me well when buying and selling. He always gets me or gives me a good price Mike has held coins for me at his business, and I was able to sell them at a good market price. I trusted Mike and he has never let me down. Besides being an expert in precious metals and rare coins, he is a nice person . He has been very friendly to me, and I consider him a good friend. I highly recommend Mike Bonham for tangible investments. I recommended him to my family and good friends.

Thomas S., Yelp March 2022

I have been dealing with this company for a couple of years and feel very confident in my dealings with Rod. I have both sold and bought gold and silver from this company in Laguna Beach. I have to say and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Christy’s mom

Susan M., Yelp Feb 2022