My experience with Tangible Investments, Inc. Was good. both Rod and John were great guys! They treated me fairly and made me feel comfortable with our transaction. it was also an educational experience for me. getting to know about the things I was selling and how to determine what they were worth. I will definitely go back to see them when I have something they would be interested in! And just want to say Thanks again Rod and John. Sincerely, Mark Collins

Mark Collins, Google Feb 2022

Great experience. They helped with my questions. Bought some silver. They are not PUSHY

Aristeo Montaño – Google Dec 2021

So cute love love love. Come here every once in a while. So cute. I bought a few nifty things here. Hoping to come back and find more

Tiffany G, Yelp Nov 2021

First off I’d like to especially thank Rod for providing a great experience. Not only was he extremely professional but he also displayed concern with regard to a personal matter I had and explained to him when I arrived. Can’t express how grateful I am that there are still establishments that employ people with integrity. Thanks again Rod for everything Respectfully Brian

Brian Baker, Google Sept 2021

I have worked with Mike Bonham and his team at Tangible Investment for over 10 years. This company is the most trustworthy, honest, and reliable team I have ever worked with in this asset management business of any class. I can say for a fact that I have worked with many others since I started purchasing Gold and Silver in 2006. Unfortunately, most of these other companies did not live up to their promises and were far less than honest, stealing my metals, overpricing storage, and creating huge artificial spreads. They marketed themselves on network TV, overpriced their metals, or wrote books about silver befriend me, and then refused my calls for advice after making sizable purchases. I lost more money through dishonesty in this gold market than in the rising or falling prices of metals. This is why I urge you to take my advice and invest with Tangible Investment. Trust is extremely important in this business. Trust no other company with your precious metals. Allow Mike to advise you and guide you in your purchase.

Anthony G.
May 17, 2021

Anthony G, Customer May 2021
For years I have postponed selling my old jewelry. I brought in a shopping bag of rings, necklaces and bracelets. The associate who worked with me was Gage Shirer, who was kind and very professional. He took a lot of time organizing and identifying the real from the costume. Also identified the better quality gold. He identified several pieces that had value that I hadn’t known. He even separated two gold chains that were tangled together, identifying one as of value and the other of no value. I walked out of the place richer by over a thousand dollars and the costume jewelry too. When I got to the business, it was locked. I had an appointment and was buzzed in. Gage took me to a cubical where I felt safe. After meticulously identifying, weighing and measuring the pieces with value, Gage calculated the price they would pay. I was immediately compensated. I highly recommend this business. COVID-19 restrictions were observed throughout the experience. If I find other pieces to sell, I will definitely go back to this business. Heather Clark
Heather Clark, Google April 2021