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For over 40 years, Tangible Investments has stood as the premier gallery for collectors seeking the very best in rare coins, precious metals, fine art, and jewelry. As a leader in the numismatic field and a distinguished auctioneer, we offer highly desirable items at very competitive prices. At the core of Tangible Investments is the expertise of Silvano DiGenova, a renowned coin connoisseur, grading consultant, and antiques marketer.


With a legacy spanning four decades, Mr. DiGenova’s reputation in the industry is built on some of the most significant purchases and distributions in US numismatics, resulting in over $2 Billion in transactions. This achievement has established Tangible Investments not only as one of America’s most successful rare coin traders but also as the country’s top buyer. Mr. DiGenova’s unmatched credentials—including his role in designing the grading standards for the rare coin industry.

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Our Story

In 1977, a young entrepreneur and rare coin prodigy named Silvano DiGenova established his first trading booth at a national coin convention. By 1984, capitalizing on his early success as a rare coin trader, DiGenova founded Tangible Investments of America, Inc., becoming a self-made millionaire by the age of 21.

In 1986, DiGenova co-founded the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and was tasked with developing the first grading set, which became “the standard by which certified grading was established.” Later that year, he invited John Albanese to join PCGS to help solidify the foundation of certified grading.

In 1987, DiGenova sold his interest in PCGS for fifty times his initial investment and supported John Albanese as he founded the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). In 1989, at the market’s peak, DiGenova sold his entire inventory to the Kidder Peabody Rare Coin Fund. In 1991, he formed Tangible Investments of California with renowned numismatist Dwight Manley but later sold his interest, leading to the company being renamed and eventually becoming a public entity.

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Tangible Investments stands out for its unparalleled proficiency in the grading of rare coins, a cornerstone service we proudly offer. With a team led by industry luminaries, including co-founders of leading grading services, our expertise is unmatched. Our rigorous assessment process ensures each coin’s grade is accurately determined, reflecting its authenticity, condition, and historical significance. This expertise not only underscores our commitment to quality but also provides our clients with the confidence and trust needed when evaluating their precious investments. Through our services, collectors gain access to a level of professional grading that is essential for making informed decisions about their rare coin collections.

Silvano DiGenova, our esteemed founder and president, has facilitated the trade of hundreds of millions of dollars through auctions. As the past CEO of Superior Galleries in Beverly Hills, he spearheaded operations at California’s oldest and largest auction house specializing in rare coins. In 2005, the State of California appointed him as the official auctioneer for its unclaimed property, granting him a two-year contract for this prestigious role.

Our team is composed of highly skilled individuals, including award-winning catalogers and rare coin experts who have honed their skills at globally renowned auction houses like Sotheby’s, Bowers and Merena, and Heritage Auctions.

Moreover, Tangible Investments actively participates in buying and selling at leading auction houses across the United States, Europe, and Asia. We maintain a consistent presence at renowned firms including Bonhams, Sotheby’s, Christie’s, IM Chait, Heritage, Stack’s Bowers, among others. Our substantial volume of auction transactions qualifies us for special rates and incentives that are typically unavailable to individual participants.

Engaging with us for your buying or selling needs is a financially prudent decision. We will identify the most suitable auction platform for your items and provide a settlement package that surpasses what you could achieve by dealing directly with any major auction house.

If you’ve ever engaged in buying or selling collectibles at an auction, you’re likely familiar with the hefty fees involved, which can range from 5% to 20% for both buyers and sellers. Thanks to our extensive dealings, amounting to tens of millions of dollars annually with premier auction houses, Tangible Investments secures preferential rates that most individual participants do not have access to.

Selling directly to us is often your most advantageous option. Nonetheless, for exceptionally rare items, a major auction might be the most suitable platform. By entrusting your valuables to Tangible Investments and allowing us to act on your behalf, you’ll achieve a more favorable outcome at settlement than you would by navigating a major auction house on your own. We not only direct you to the optimal selling venue but also pass on our discounted rates, ensuring you receive the maximum return on your valuable items when you decide to sell.

At Tangible Investments, we extend complimentary appraisal services to individuals keen on selling their rare coins, precious metals, fine jewelry, art, and antiques. Understanding the value and significance of such items, our team of experts provides thorough assessments, ensuring that sellers receive knowledgeable and fair evaluations. This commitment to transparency and excellence positions us as a trusted partner for collectors and sellers alike, aiming to facilitate transactions that reflect the true worth of their tangible assets. For more detailed information and to avail of these services, we encourage potential sellers to visit our website or contact us directly.

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