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Our Team

Tangible Investments is about integrity, transparency, and customer service. Our expert staff is not only highly knowledgeable and experienced at what they do, but will communicate honestly and openly in their dealings with you. Additionally, we realize the importance of building a unique relationship with each and every one of our clients.


Silvano DiGenova

Founder & President

(949) 715-5333 ext. 101

Tangible Investments founder and president Silvano DiGenova is an authority on the rare coin market, grading, authenticity, and appraisals. In fact, since Silvano co-founded the renowned Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and designed the PCGS coin grading standards, you could actually say he wrote the book on coin grading.



Mike Bonham


(949) 715-5333 ext. 106

For nearly 30 years, Mike Bonham has been helping serious coin collectors and investors achieve their numismatic goals. Prior to his successful career as a buyer and seller of rare coins, Mike acquired extensive experience in the bullion markets trading tens of millions of dollars in gold, silver, and platinum.


gary tux

Gary Carlson

Senior Numismatist/Buyer

Some people have an almost infectious enthusiasm for what they do. Enter into their midst, and prepare to catch the fever! That’s the case with Tangible Investments Senior Numismatist and Buyer Gary Carlson, whose “true love” has always been rare coins.



Jack S. Huang

Inventory Control Manager

Part of what makes Tangible Investments so successful is always knowing what incredible collectibles we have on hand, and what’s about to arrive at our gallery. Inventory Control Manager Jack S. Huang is the staff member who’s always on top of both.



Jeanne McDonald



Curt Mease

Senior Buyer

Tangible Investments Senior Buyer Curt Mease is right where he wants to be. Born and raised in the Greater Lehigh Valley area of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Curt now treasures the outdoor life of southern California, traveling the U.S. for various trade shows and coin collections, and working alongside Tangible CEO and Founder Silvano DeGenova. But, his first love has always been coins and collectibles.


Ron Remmer

Private Client Sales

(949) 715-5333 ext. 109

If you’re a rare coin collector who’s serious about acquiring specific items and maximizing profit potential, you need someone who loves the numismatic hunt and has a great track record for success. Tangible Investment’s Ron Remmer, who specializes in fulfilling private collection needs, fills the bill.

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