Our Story

In 1977, a young entrepreneur and rare coin prodigy named Silvano DiGenova set up his first trading booth at a national coin convention. In 1984, to capitalize on his early success as a rare coin trader, DiGenova founded Tangible Investments of America, Inc. He became a self-made millionaire at age 21.

In 1986, DiGenova co-founded the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and was assigned the task of developing the first grading set, “the standard by which certified grading was established.” Later that year, he brought John Albanese into PCGS to help cement the foundation of certified grading.

In 1987, DiGenova sold his interest in PCGS for 50 times his cost and went on to support John Albanese as he founded the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). In 1989, DiGenova sold his entire inventory to Kidder Peabody Rare Coin Fund at the peak of the market. In 1991, DiGenova formed Tangible Investments of California with noted numismatist Dwight Manley, but sold his interest and the company was renamed and also went on to be a public entity.