Indochina Serigraph by Erté

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Indochina Serigraph by Erte

The “Indochina” Serigraph by Erte encapsulates a mesmerizing blend of artistry and cultural nuance, encapsulating the essence of Indochina’s allure. This limited edition, numbered 16/350, stands as a testament to exclusivity and artistic finesse. Crafted as a serigraph, it boasts meticulous attention to detail and vibrant hues that dance across the canvas.

At 31 inches in length and 33.5 inches in height when framed, this artwork commands attention, drawing viewers into its intricate world. Erte’s signature, elegantly inscribed on the bottom right, serves as a testament to the artist’s involvement and endorsement of this masterpiece.

The essence of Indochina unfolds within the artwork, evoking a sense of cultural richness and mystique.

The presence of a Certificate of Authenticity on the back of the frame further solidifies its provenance and value. This document not only assures its genuine nature but also adds a layer of significance to its collectibility.

The framed presentation of the “Indochina” enhances its visual impact. It also adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Its size allows for a captivating display, whether as the centerpiece of a collection or as a focal point in a curated environment.

This piece, with its limited availability, Erte’s signature, and evocative portrayal of Indochina’s allure, stands as a prized possession for art enthusiasts, offering an opportunity to own a slice of artistic brilliance and cultural reverence.

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