Lillies by Louis Icart (1934) Original Signed Etching

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Lillies by Louis Icart (1934) Original Signed Etching

Lillies by Louis Icart is a captivating original signed etching from 1934. It stands as a testament to the artist's mastery in capturing the essence of beauty and elegance. Measuring an impressive 23 inches in length and 32 inches in height, this piece showcases Icart's meticulous attention to detail and finesse in the art of etching.

The presence of the artist's signature, "Louis Icart," adds both authenticity and a personal touch to the artwork. It reaffirms its origin from the esteemed hand of the master himself. The etching is further adorned with a subtle yet significant detail - the inscription "Copyright 1934 by L. Icart. N.Y." elegantly etched on the top left corner. This not only underscores the historical significance of the piece but also emphasizes Icart's proprietary rights to his creation.

The subject matter, lilies, symbolizes purity and refined beauty, echoing Icart's penchant for portraying graceful and alluring figures in his works. The intricate lines and shading in the etching reveal Icart's technical prowess, creating a harmonious blend of form and emotion.

This original signed etching by Louis Icart is a timeless piece that not only captures the artistic brilliance of the 1930s but also serves as a lasting testament to the enduring allure of Icart's work in the world of fine art. Whether as a collector's item or a focal point of admiration, "Lilies" is a remarkable embodiment of Icart's contribution to the art world during this pivotal period.

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