London, Zürich, Washington D.C. : The Hubs for Exporting Gold to World

London, Zürich, Washington D.C. : The Hubs for Exporting Gold to World

by Ivan Martinez — Laguna Beach, CA, 28 Sept. 2023

Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States are the world’s top 3 gold exporters. These countries export billions of dollars worth of gold yearly.


Swiss gold is of high quality. Swiss refineries have long been known for their high quality standards in processing gold. The gold is purified in such a way that makes the end product even more desirable. You will often find that a Swiss gold bar will sell with a higher premium than the average, generic gold bar.

In recent years, China, a major market when it comes to just about anything, has been importing more gold from Switzerland. This is a big deal, as China is one of the world’s top bullion buyers. Post-Covid, China’s market is returning to normal, so any trends that are popular now are decisions out of the covid “shadow period”.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom and the city of London particularly have historically been connected to gold. London is home to the LBMA, the London Bullion Market Association. The LBMA is world renowned for its authority and ability to conform by strict guidelines. Thus it sets the standards for the quality and purity of gold bars, a popular bullion item. Nevertheless, London and the United Kingdom hold a special power in the world of gold and as a gold exporter.

United States

The United States remains one of the most influential players in the global gold market. The US has many gold mining operations all across the US and contribute immensely to the global gold availability and exporting. So, the US with all of its importing and exporting, holds knowledge on how to best refine gold and purify it into its various different forms. More so, the US also is a big gold trader, and the US dollar is very important to other currencies around the world. The US quite acts like the middle man for the entire world, with all of its relationships and knowledge.

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