La Merveilleuse Serigraph by Erte (Framed)

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La Merveilluse Serigraph by Erte (Framed)

The framed serigraph, "La Merveilleuse" by Erte, is an exquisite testament to the artist's mastery. It is a captivating piece that melds elegance with a touch of mystique. As a limited edition print, this artwork holds the distinguished mark of 86 out of a meticulous production of 300. It heightens its exclusivity and desirability among art enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Erte's signature adds an authentic allure, affirming the piece's legitimacy and the artist's connection to its creation. The meticulousness of the artist's hand is evident in every stroke, and every line, bringing forth a visual symphony that transcends time.

Measuring an impressive 30.5 inches in length and standing tall at 38 inches, the dimensions of this framed serigraph amplify its presence. It commands attention within any space it graces. The careful framing further accentuates the artwork, providing a refined border that accentuates the richness of the colors and intricacy of the design.

The artwork is a testament to Erte's distinctive style.  It is characterized by an amalgamation of Art Deco influences and a theatrical flair. Within "La Merveilleuse", one can discern Erte's signature motif. Elegant figures adorned in lavish, flowing garments, evoke a sense of timeless sophistication and allure.

With its limited availability, signed authenticity, and commanding dimensions, this piece is more than an artwork; it's an investment, a treasure that resonates with Erte's artistic legacy and holds the power to transform any space into a realm of sophistication and aesthetic marvel.

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