The Importance of Key Date Coins

The Importance of Key Date Coins
Image courtesy of USA Today — Ivan Aaron, 20 July 2023 —

Key Date Coins are coins that are relatively rare and valuable due to their low mintage, historical significance, and/or other unique characteristics. These coins are often sought after by collectors and investors alike, as they can appreciate over time. Examples of key date coins include the 1916-D Mercury Dime, the 1909-S Lincoln cent, and the 1794 Flowing hair dollar. Here at Tangible Investments, our team can help you find these types of coins and more. We have a selection of rare, key date coins on our website.

These coins can complete collections/sets, and are often higher in value. Not only are they higher in value, but again they have rich histories. In 2013, one 1794 Flowing Hair Dollar sold in a private sale for $12,000,000 dollars. The flowing hair dollar was the first dollar coin issued by the US government. They resemble early Spanish Reales dollars of the New World. The flowing hair dollar was produced in limited quantities, thus the high price tag for a slabbed one in a good grade. Nevertheless, it is rare that these coins are circulating around in large quantities. Even more so as time goes on. This is why these coins are good investments and continue to be.

Dates and Mintmarks of Rarer coins

Dates and mintmarks are important when searching for key date coins. Also, some dates and mintmarks are more difficult to obtain than others. Some examples below:

Half Cents

  • Liberty Cap (1793-1797): 1793, 1796 with pole, 1796 without pole, and 1797 Grip Edge.
  • Draped Bust (1800-1808): 1802/O R.1800
  • 1831 half cent.

These half cents have low mintage numbers. They are rare even amongst the coin collector community. For example, the 1794 flowing hair dollar only had 1,758 coins minted. Here at Tangible Investments, we can guide you through looking for key date coins. Give us a call at +1 949 535 1302.

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