Ron Remmer

Ron Remmer

Hi.  Welcome to my page.

I have been in the rare coin business for over twenty years and specialize in Early-Type coins, especially early 50c and early dollars.

I have assisted many clients in putting together world-class collections and continuously look for their client’s needs on a private want list. I am also a buyer; make sure to contact him if you have anything you want to sell.

Take the time to view the featured coins we have avaliable and our current inventory list below.  And don’t hesitate to contact me if I can be of any assistance in reaching your numismatic goals.

Featured Coins

If you have any questions about these, please give me a call. Periodically, these coins may show “out of stock”, but may be available due to the coins being displayed at a tradeshow or auction.


14521434Maryland Shilng Lord Baltimore Pre-1776 States Coinage - Maryland CoinsNGC AU586816800004$55,000.00One of the very nicest survivors of this important issue, the first silver coin produced abroad exclusively for American circulation. Well centered and well struck, with attractive deep gray even toned. NGC Population there has only been a total of 3 of these graded, a XF45 & this AU58 which is tied for finest known!Photo
1722803311786 Connct Mailed Bust Left, BN Post-1776 States Coinage - Connecticut Copper CoinsPCGS --43729673$295.00Photo
1729324361787 N York Excelsior, Indian/Arms, BN Post-1776 States Coinage - New York Copper CoinsPCGS VG0841686280$26,250.00Photo
16888218221840 1C Large Date, RD Braided Hair Cent - Braided Hair CentPCGS MS64RD36087810$12,500.00Perhaps as much as 90% of the original, frosty mint color remains on both sides. A few splashes of steel toning on the obverse fail to diminish the extraordinary eye appeal. Population for all varieties: 2 in 64 Red, 5 finer (6/23).Photo
16303331271995 1C Doubled Die Obverse, RD Lincoln Cent (Modern) - Type 4 Memorial Reverse (Zinc)NGC MS69RD6552515005$2,450.00This over date piece has a very pleasing mint red hue! Date is lightly doubled and the letters are a touch more doubled.Photo
17310131271995 1C Doubled Die Obverse, RD Lincoln Cent (Modern) - Type 4 Memorial Reverse (Zinc)PCGS MS69RD49473175$4,750.00A very appealing double date! Unbroken lustre!Photo
17311037351869 3CN Three Cent Nickel - Three Cent NickelCAC PF66+UCAM104509775$3,450.00Blast white and very clean! Very clean surfaces with the lightest small nicks, not visible without a loupe. CAC population is Finest Known!Photo
173999837661870 3CN, CA Three Cent Nickel - Three Cent NickelNGC&CAC PF66+CAM6501236001$2,900.00Only 1000 struck. The ONLY PR66+ CAM graded at PCGS, and there is only a single coin finer. What an amazing and beautiful GEM with sparkling mirrors that have a strong, clear, gleaming reflection in the fields that contrast nicely against the frosted reliefs. The eye appeal is very high end! CAC Population is only this coin with a single Proof 67 higher!Photo
17262537471879 3CN Three Cent Nickel - Three Cent NickelNGC MS676606235002$2,995.00This piece is richly toned in a light red, and seafoam green and is very attractive. NGC Population is 6 in this grade with only 2 higher.Photo
173401837851888 3CN, CA Three Cent Nickel - Three Cent NickelPCGS&CAC PR67+CAM48549964$4,950.00What a blazing white, beautiful Gem! Highly frosted devices with basically perfect surfaces grace this CAC coin. CAC population is this coin with only a single PR68 higher!Photo
17276338561895 5C Liberty Nickel - Type 2 WithPCGS MS6746665702$19,000.00This frosty Superb Gem 1895 Liberty nickel is virtually flawless in preservation and must have just missed a Plus designation from PCGS. The corn ear to the left of the wreath bow is a trifle soft, but the design elements are otherwise well brought up. Vibrant silver surfaces exhibit a dazzling cartwheel effect with subtle tone of light blush with surfaces dripping with lustre make this coin special. Tied with only 1, making this a finest known at PCGS. Very clean surfaces, the other ms67 out there has spotting making this piece a better looking coin.Photo
16700539821937-D 5C 3 Legs Buffalo Nickel - Type 2NGC AU58650776008$2,275.00A wonderful CHOICE AU example of this popular variety. The slightest trace of highpoint friction is all that keeps this from a Mint State grade. Hints of original luster can be seen surrounding the devices. Warmly toned with accents of light blush and rich dove-gray. The eye appeal is great !Photo
16982039821937-D 5C 3 Legs Buffalo Nickel - Type 2PCGS MS6450398882$8,500.00Well preserved and pleasing for the grade, showing warm toning across satiny mint luster. A must have if you are looking for key-date rarities!Photo
17397449071916-D 10C, FB Mercury Dime - Mercury DimePCGS MS62FB48267741$21,000.00Wow! We love this key-date Mercury dime! Graced w/ a bit of gold/russet toning on the rims! Much eye appeal on this coin. It also has a vert natural, attractive natural skin!Photo
17229553151806/5 25C Draped Bust Quarter - Type 2 Heraldic EaglePCGS AG0340978941$395.00Photo
17385053151806/5 25C Draped Bust Quarter - Type 2 Heraldic EaglePCGS&CAC VF3036121432$3,250.00An extremely collectible date in a very collectible grade. Warm dove gray patina is seen over the surfaces. Despite the moderate wear, the details offer bold definition. The eye appeal is nice.Photo
171346389631821 25C Browning 1 Capped Bust Quarter - Type 1 Large SizeCAC MS65832037260$53,000.001821 25C MS65 NGC. CAC. B-1, R.4. Ex: "Col." E.H.R. Green. This impressive Gem is the finest known example, two points better than second-place in the Condition Census. It is plated in the Browning reference. Only eight Mint State examples of the 1821 B-1 quarter are recorded. This Gem from the Eric P. Newman Collection is an early die state with no visible die cracks. The obverse exhibits rich blue, gold, and reddish-gray toning around light silver at the center. The reverse is primarily brilliant light silver-gray with peripheral splashes of gold and blue. CAC Population is 2 in this grade with only 1 higher.Photo
16412753481831 25C Small Letters Capped Bust Quarter - Type 2 Small SizePCGS&CAC MS6512818932$42,000.00This Gold CAC stickered Bust quarter is THE best we have ever seen! This coin is a knockout in every way. A razor sharp strike, luminescent surfaces attractively toned in iridescent blue on the edges of fields to rim and a rich light burgundy in the center's patina. This is a Small Letters variety. This is the sole quarter awarded a Gold sticker by CAC. CAC population is 9 (multiple submissions) with 8 higher. We guarantee this is the most attractive Bust Quarter in Mint State!Photo
17463860711806 50C Pointed 6, Stem Draped Bust Half Dollar - Type 2 Large EaglePCGS AU5560160120$4,150.00This coin has lots of eye appeal! Lightly toned with a decent amount of lustre popping through as well as well struck and nice for the grade. O-114a, R.4.Photo
16708665121908 50C Barber Half Dollar - Barber Half DollarPCGS MS6747795935$13,000.00Over all light surfaces with a nice, strong strike! NGC Population is 3 in this grade with none higher, making this tied for Finest Known!Photo
17293165781919-D 50C Walking Liberty Half Dollar - Walking Liberty Half DollarNGC MS646816752005$20,000.00Photo
16701065841921-D 50C Walking Liberty Half Dollar - Walking Liberty Half DollarPCGS MS6447795946$19,950.00With a series-low business-strike mintage of 208,000 pieces, the 1921-D Walking Liberty half dollar is an elusive key issue. The 1921-D is scarce at the MS64 grade level, and finer coins are rare. This attractive Choice example displays well-detailed design elements and is a fly hair's away from MS65!. The well-preserved surfaces are lustrous and blazing white! NGC Population is 87 in this grade with 24 higher.Photo
16357966041938 50C Walking Liberty Half Dollar - Walking Liberty Half DollarNGC PF67+6606234005$2,575.00This Plus-graded Superb Gem is conditionally scarce, and only a single finer piece is reported at NGC. A sharp strike and clean fields are hallmarks on each side, while a tinge of golden toning adds a touch of warmth.Photo
16389166411941 50C Walking Liberty Half Dollar - Walking Liberty Half DollarNGC PF686324356008$3,950.00A nice, flashy Proof, this coin is slightly and evenly toned in light gray with highly reflective fields.Photo
161285866751958-D 50C, FL Franklin Half Dollar - Franklin Half DollarNGC MS67FBL6341304002$995.00Photo
172301399861795 $1 B-1 BB-21 2 Leaves Flowing Hair Dollar - Flowing Hair DollarPCGS XF4048747515$15,500.00What is not to like about this Flowing Hair dollar? Nice and natural and a touch under-graded with all design elements evident!Photo
172854399951795 $1 B-15 BB-52 Dr Bust Draped Bust Dollar - Type 1 Small EaglePCGS AU5848331571$47,500.00Photo
17225868601796 $1 Small Date, Lg Letters Draped Bust Dollar - Type 1 Small EagleNGC AU502661859001$13,500.00The first thing we noticed when we saw this coin is it's awesome lustre! It pops through in nice tones of blush and gold and looks exceptional! This is a BB-61/B-4 Variety R.1. Small Date, Dot above Date Large Letters. NGC Pop is 13 in this grade with 27 higher.Photo
17227568631797 $1 9X7 Stars, Large Letters Draped Bust Dollar - Type 1 Small EaglePCGS --40614424$3,550.00We like this coin, in our opinion despite the graffiti Fine details, this is closer to a mid-level VF. Lighter on the device both obverse and reverse and retains much detail.Photo
17303468731798 $1 Large Eagle Draped Bust Dollar - Type 2 Heraldic EaglePCGS VF2020674955$3,150.00Very pretty choice VF with a slight plum over original surfaces. Perfect for the grade. Large eagle Bust dollar type coin. If you want an affordable example, this is the coin! BB-125/B-8, R.1Photo
17452468731798 $1 Large Eagle Draped Bust Dollar - Type 2 Heraldic EaglePCGS VF3545285175$3,850.00A nice for the grade Heraldic Eagle Bust dollar with a pleasing natural appearance! BB-105/B.23 R.1. Pointed 9, 4 linesPhoto
17230768731798 $1 Large Eagle Draped Bust Dollar - Type 2 Heraldic EaglePCGS&CAC XF4513930007$8,500.00This Heraldic eagle is a great example of what a solid XF45 should look like. Evenly toned in a rich gray with light tones of yellow iridescence. There is even a bit of lustre! This is a rarer variety, BB-106/B-19, R.4 Diagnostics- Ptd 9, normal date, arc star rev. reverse has 5 berries and 13 arrows and 4 lines. This variety in CAC Population shows 3 in this grade with only 7 higher. A recent auction price brought $13,200.Photo
17389368781799 $1 Draped Bust Dollar - Type 2 Heraldic EagleNGC&CAC XF453168497009$7,250.00If you are looking for a nice, wholesome Bust dollar, this is for you! Medium gun-metal evenly toned and nice for the grade, this also has been awarded a CAC sticker. BB-165/B-8 R.2.Photo
17065368781799 $1 Draped Bust Dollar - Type 2 Heraldic EaglePCGS AU5848883871$18,000.00Light die clash marks show above the 9s in the date, and the upper-right corner of the 1 shows a slight indentation. On the reverse, the two rightmost stars each have two points that touch the nearby clouds. In this die state, the reverse die crack encircles the entire left side, from the left side of the eagle's tail, through UNITED and STATES on this BB-165/ B-8 R.2 coin. Pleasantly toned in light gun-gray with lots of lustre!Photo
173901400801800 $1 B-15 BB-195 10 Arrows Draped Bust Dollar - Type 2 Heraldic EaglePCGS VF3047147913$3,950.00An example of a nice looking Bust dollar. It even has a touch of lustre in the protected areas. BB-195/B-15, 10 Arrows.Photo
17065768891800 $1 Dotted Date Draped Bust Dollar - Type 2 Heraldic EaglePCGS AU5021054650$8,950.00On a good day this could be an AU53! Very cool Dotted Date (and Red Book ) variety much in demand for collectors and investors. Sharply struck and richly toned, if you are looking for a better variety then this coin is for you! PCGS Population is 7 in this grade with 19 higher.Photo
174844400871802 $1 Draped Bust Dollar - Type 2 Heraldic EaglePCGS&CAC XF4026986250$7,250.00This is one of the most attractive 1802's in XF40 we have seen! Medium light toned in centers going to darker gun-metal from fields to rims. CAC liked it as well! Nice for the grade and affordable, snap this up before someone else does! BB-241-B-6.Photo
17303768991802/1 $1 Wide Date Draped Bust Dollar - Type 2 Heraldic EaglePCGS VF3021604380$5,000.00This rare variety Wide Date BB-235/B-8 R.6 is richly toned in gun metal and is lighter on the device on the obverse. Accurately graded and all details visible as you'd expect from an VF coin! PCGS Population is 1 in this grade with only 12 higher.Photo
15462969651870-S $1 Liberty Seated Dollar - Type 4 With MottoPCGS VF2544889143$625,000.00Photo
17072170181870 $1 Liberty Seated Dollar - Type 4 With MottoPCGS&CAC PR65+45224550$12,950.00A veil of gun metal toning blankets each side, the reverse retains colors of aqua-green and plum., only adding to this piece's incredible eye appeal. Close examination fails to reveal any noticeable marks, and a few faint hairlines in the fields are well-hidden by the rich patina. CAC Population is only this coin in PR65+ with 2 higher in PR66.Photo
154046970771878 7TF $1 Reverse of 1879, DM Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS MS64DMPL43246821$4,600.00White & flashy with nice frosty devices. A few inconsequential contact marks as you'd expect from a MS64. She does have a darker area from 12 O'Clock to 1 O'Clock on the reverse. But this is on the rim. Rarer than you'd expect at 32 in this grade with 9 higher!Photo
172733970771878 7TF $1 Reverse of 1879, DM Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS MS64+DMPL3278638$5,250.00This blast white near gem displays nicely frosted devices and mirrored fields as you'd expect from a DMPL. On top of that this coin has a low PCGS Population of 3 in this grade with only 6 higher!Photo
172621970791878 7/8TF $1 Strong, DM Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS MS65DMPL47949614$16,750.00This is one of the more available 7/8 Tailfeathers varieties, showing a Strong 7/4 combination. In addition to its relative availability in the context of 7/8TF coins, it is also one of the more accessible varieties with Deep Mirror Prooflike surfaces. Even so, that availability is relative. Any 7/8TF coin is a rarity in Gem Deep Mirror Prooflike. This VAM-36 example displays a full strike and frosty devices set against liquid-black fields. Stark cameo contrast adorns each side. PCGS Population is 6 in this grade with none higher, making this tied for Finest Known.Photo
16380970811878-CC $1. PL Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarNGC MS64PL6963385003$1,700.00Photo
17384870801878-CC $1 Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS MS6649209102$5,900.00Wow! Blazing white with slightly frosted devices amd very well struck with all strands of hair over her ear visible.Photo
171460970831878-S $1, DM Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarNGC MS64DPL3814639006$2,500.00NGC Population is 120 in this grade with 31 higher. This coin has lots of eye appeal, white in the center with wine/russet tones radiating out through the fields to the edges.Photo
172736970831878-S $1, DM Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS MS65DMPL48747740$7,750.00A blast white example of a better date DMPL dollar. we'd say it is close to a black and white coin with the mirrored fields and frosted devices. PCGS Population is only 25 in this grade with 5 higher!Photo
162499870591879 T$1 Trade, CA Trade Dollar - Trade DollarPCGS PR65CAM46779954$10,500.00A distinct minority of proof-only 1879 Trade dollar are certified in Cameo or Deep Cameo categories. This starkly contrasted Gem Cameo specimen from a mintage of 1,541 pieces enjoys flashy fields. PCGS Population of 27 in this grade with 23 higher (keep in mind duplicate submissions so lower population in reality). A bright flashy example with Heavily frosted devices and supra-reflective fields with a very light hint of gold on denticles.Photo
174210970851879 $1, DM Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS MS64DMPL48809272$2,200.00Over all very light with nice reflectivity in the fields and frosted devices. Rims go a bit russet.Photo
150174970851879 $1, DM Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS MS66DMPL46802906$35,000.00What a pleasing DMPL dollar! Ultra clean cheek, white with nicely frosted devices. In addition, this piece is tied for Finest Known in PCGS Population.Photo
17322070861879-CC $1 Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS MS64+82112728$15,500.00A nice white, key-date of the Carson City series. Well struck with frosty devices.Photo
16412670881879-CC $1 Capped Die Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS&CAC MS6446035866$19,500.00This is a very tough coin to find in MS64 & higher. Capped Die's are a bit harder to find and desirable. Nice clean coin with no distractions and a CAC Population of 56 in this grade with only 6 higher, all in MS65 and double the price at around $36k-$40k.Photo
171348970891879-CC $1 Capped Die, DM Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS MS64DMPL48849075$85,000.00Wow! Strongly frosted devices with very deep mirror finish in the fields make this coin look black and white when turned in hand. Nicely struck with no distractions and rare with a PCGS Population of 5 in this grade with only a single coin higher in MS64+ where the price doubles!Photo
171347970871879-CC $1, DM Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS MS65DMPL48849074$90,000.00Photo
17403470941879-S $1 Reverse of 1878 Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarCAC MS64946011040$4,500.00This impressive Choice example exhibits sharply detailed design elements and well-preserved surfaces, with vibrant mint luster on both sides. The eye appeal is outstanding.Photo
17076771141880-O $1 Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS&CAC MS6446247297$3,300.00This coin is a very fresh white, nicely struck and has a very clean cheek! CAC Population is 254 with 11 higher.Photo
162969971151880-O $1, DM Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS MS64DMPL46255112$7,975.00Frosty white with frosted devices and clean fields, a nice DMPL. PCGS Population of 54 in this grade and only 6 with nothing higher in MS64+.Photo
174518971191880-S $1, DM Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarNGC MS64DPL114108001$550.00Photo
1728325229191880-CC $1 VAM 8 8/7 Rev of 79 Morgan Dollar GSA NEW!PCGS MS6447146172$1,150.00Photo
1706951340491880-CC $1 VAM 7 8/7 Rev of 78 Morgan Dollar - Morgan Dollar GSA HoardNGC&CAC MS656490232001$4,250.00Photo
15790371241881 $1 Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS&CAC MS66+43978188$5,250.00This is a nice looking Philadelphia issue, blast white w/ a relatively clean cheek . CAC Population is 46 in this grade with only 3 higher.Photo
16626871271881-CC $1, PL Morgan Dollar - Morgan Dollar GSA HOARDNGC MS63PL6845771001$1,795.00Photo
1728315188631881-CC $1 Morgan Dollar - Morgan Dollar GSAPCGS MS65+47146173$1,395.00Photo
17043771261881-CC $1 Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS MS65+49598269$1,495.00Photo
170475971271881-CC $1, DM Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS MS64DMPL48545151$2,250.00A pleasing bright white Carson City dollar with frosted devices and mirrored fields as you'd expect for a DMPL designation.Photo
163210971291881-O $1, DM Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS&CAC MS64+DMPL25610326$2,995.00A pretty, white & lustrous piece with no distractions and superior lustre showing through it's Deep Mirrored surfaces. CAC Population is only this coin is MS64+ with only 5 in MS65 where the price jumps 7 times!Photo
159091971311881-S $1, DM Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS MS65DMPL48983406$1,550.00Photo
173930971311881-S $1, DM Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarNGC MS65DPL319841003$1,175.00Photo
162951971311881-S $1, DM Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS MS66DMPL47956148$3,450.00We love this fully cameo and super flashy coin! Full mirrors beam boldly from all over. In fact, the mirrors are so flashy you can see them from the next room! The mirrors reveal a few trivial ticks none of which are harmful. There is strong clarity in the mirrors. When you twirl the coin the mirrors have a huge "watery roll" effect. We rarely see 1881-S's like this. Miss Liberty and all the details are fully struck and have thick bold frost. The eye appeal is sensational! CAC Population is tied for Finest Know with 16 other coins in this grade.Photo
17386071401882-S $1 Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS&CAC MS6882291214$9,000.00Wow! What an amazing coin with an extremely strong strike! And it better be as a MS68! Cleaned cheek and fields with no imperfections or distractions, incredible coin! White in centers going to russet on the rims. Tied for finest known with 64 others in CAC population.Photo
166269971411882-S $1, DM Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS MS64DMPL48179006$875.00Photo
172626971351882-CC $1, DM Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS MS65DMPL46986887$2,650.00Wow! 360 degree lustre and heavily frosted devices as you'd expect for a GEM DMPL dollar!Photo
1688791338891882-O/S $1 VAM 3 O/S Flush Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarNGC MS64+6329518010$4,995.00Bright white and nice for the grade .A Top 100 Variety. VAM-3 and VAM-4 are the two Strong O/S varieties.Photo
17239171441883-CC $1 Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS MS6548371512$595.00Photo
172000971451883-CC $1, DM Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS&CAC MS65DMPL45100919$2,950.00Over all white with highly mirrored fields and frosted devices making this described as "black and white". The coin has the lightest hint of gold on the denticles. CAC Population is 97 in this grade with 31 higher.Photo
173125971451883-CC $1, DM Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS MS66DMPL37196809$3,450.00We'd call this a black and white coin due to it's blast white mirrored fields and heavily frosted devices. A nice example of a DMPL dollar!Photo
17322471441883-CC $1 Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS MS67+42498148$13,000.00If you are looking for a high end Gem Carson City dollar, this is for you! The strike is strong as you'd expect with no distractions.Photo
17082171481883-S $1 Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS&CAC MS6448489858$8,250.00This coin is definitely better thaqn a MS64 and you can see it turning it in your hand which shows extra clean devices, her cheek is nice, full and without marks! And she has been awarded the CAC sticker.Photo
17463771481883-S $1 Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS&CAC MS6460161961$6,250.00A blast white coin and a brilliant example offers razor sharp striking detail and intense satin luster. in 36 Although often overshadowed by the 1884-S, the 1883-S is also highly elusive in Mint State. CAC Population is 93 in this grade with only 7 higher!Photo
17212671561884-S $1 Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarNGC AU586963386005$2,200.00A well known tougher date coin in MS60 and above. In MS60 this coin jumps 7-8 times in price. Lightly toned and pleasing to the eye.Photo
17393171561884-S $1 Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS AU5848107128$2,900.00What a nice coin! In our opinion, it is much closer to a Mint State coin that an AU58, very clean surfaces and bright white in appearance. A tad of very light scratches in the left field may have held it back from MS. But on the right day, this coin could very well Mint State!Photo
174522971531884-CC $1, DM Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS MS65DMPL10515104$1,725.00If you are looking for a clean Carson City DMPL dollar, you'll like this coin. Blast white, well struck and nicely frosted devices grace this coin's surface.Photo
174634971551884-O $1, DM Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS MS64DMPL48413847$575.00Photo
17460971641885-S $1 Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarNGC MS65687095002$2,250.00Blazing white and well struck with no distractions, and, this coin has a Proof-like appearance due to the high reflectivity on it's fields.Photo
170848971611885-CC $1, DM Morgan Dollar - Morgan Dollar GSA HOARDNGC MS64DPL2242461005$2,850.00Photo
17393271681886-O $1 Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS MS6284047362$2,300.00Nice and silky white and really nice looking for a MS62!Photo
150840971711886-S $1, DM Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS MS64DMPL25690439$12,000.00This blazing white example is tied for finest known in CAC population with none higher graded. Nicely frosted devices!Photo
16512271761887-O $1 Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS MS6449598265$875.00Photo
170517971771887-O $1, DM Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS&CAC MS64DMPL35274031$3,950.00Blast white with excellent frosty design as you'd expect for a DMPL dollar. Deceptively hard in grades of mint state 64 and greater. PCGS population is 28 in this grade with 4 higher.Photo
17312771801887-S $1 Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS&CAC MS632220160$795.00Photo
170515971811887-S $1, DM Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS MS64DMPL33457814$8,950.00White with a very slight hint of yellow and nice frosty devices. Quite rare, PCGS Population is 26 in this grade with 2 higher.Photo
171171971831888 $1, DM Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS MS65DMPL82125767$2,950.00This is a blast white, attractive DMPL dollar, with nice, frosted devices and mirror like surfaces. We call the is black and white due to the contrast of the mirrors to the main devices. Her cheek is nice and free of hits!Photo
167251971831888 $1, DM Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS MS66DMPL46847925$9,500.00We'd call this coin a Blazer! Bright white with heavily frosted devices and a nice, clean cheek. Definitely a higher end Dimple dollar! PCGS Population is 10 with only 3 higher!Photo
168000971831888 $1, DM Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS&CAC MS66DMPL6573379$15,000.00With more than 19 million pieces struck, it seems unlikely 1888 Premium Gem Deep Mirror Proof-like examples should be so elusive, but they are. Fewer than two dozen such pieces are known. his is a CAC-endorsed coin with spectacular deep, silver mirrors and sharply struck devices that provide strong contrast. CAC Population makes this tied for Finest Know with 4 in this grade and none higher!Photo
16920871841888-O $1 Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS&CAC MS662728225$2,750.00Blast white with full brilliance for this highly lustrous, satin-textured beauty. Boldly to sharply struck with impressively smooth surfaces. CAC Population is 85 in this grade with none higher!Photo
169860971891889 $1, DM Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarNGC MS64DPL276428003$1,195.00Photo
17321071901889-CC $1 Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS&CAC AU5549136855$14,950.00If you are looking for a very nice quality 89-CC that is affordable, this is for you! Over all lightly toned with great detail and retains nice lustre. Plus, it is CAC'ed! The next grade jumps to over $20k, this is priced to sell.Photo
173105971971890 $1, DM Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS&CAC MS64DMPL46353218$2,995.00A blast white near Gem! Nicely struck and frosted devices surrounded by deep mirrors! CAC Population is 23 with none higher.Photo
174639972011890-O $1, DM Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS MS64DMPL25653454$1,550.00Photo
17380072001890-O $1 Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS MS6549125263$1,050.00Photo
175356972031890-S $1, DM Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarNGC MS64DPL1727066001$3,300.00Blazing white with mirrored fields and nice frosty devices as you'd want for a DMPL dollar. NGC Population is 30 in this grade with 6 higher.Photo
173894972051891 $1, DM Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS MS64DMPL34464836$4,950.00Deep Mirror Proof-like examples of the 1891 Morgan dollar are scarce overall, and they are rare in Choice condition. Finer pieces are major rarities. This example is brilliant and displays stark cameo contrast with reflective fields and frost-white central devices. The strike is sharp. PCGS Population is 27 in this grade with only 2 higher!Photo
17323172141892-CC $1 Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS MS6550212277$8,500.00All white and nicely struck with just a hint of light contact marks in the fields, this Carson City is all there for a MS65!Photo
17146472261893-S $1 Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS XF4025058445$13,250.00This is a very nice example of an accurately graded Key-date. Over-all richly gun-metal toned and all the details you'd expect of the King of the Morgan dollar series!Photo
17395772261893-S $1 Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarNGC AU531997509001$35,750.00Unlike the usual gray gun metal,1893-S's, this coin from 6 O'clock to 12 O'clock is almost white with some darker toning 4 O'Clock to 1 O'Clock.Photo
17397572281894 $1 Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS MS6547802641$34,000.00We have a very flashy and lustrous 1894 dollar here, a better date coin. Well struck up and blast white. She has light abrasions on her lower jaw but we don't think it distracts. PCGS Population is 26 in this grade with only 11 higher, in MS66 this coin jumps to the $100k range.Photo
16833372401896 $1 Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS&CAC MS6750231253$4,850.00Blast white and well struck as you'd expect for a MS67 CAC coin. The usual softness over her ear and on the eagle's breast is well struck and visible. CAC Population is 107 in this grade with 2 in MS68.Photo
17452172421896-O $1 Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS&CAC MS6348977262$8,500.00Medium toned and completely natural, this tougher date coin is tough in CAC with a CAC Population of 22 in this grade with only 6 higher!Photo
16852372571898-S $1, PL Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS&CAC MS65+PL38818246$7,950.00Bright & flashy, this coin is quite well struck with close to a DMPL appearance where the main elements are frosted. CAC Population shows this as Finest Known!Photo
172029972531898 $1, DM Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarCAC MS64DMPL252837358$750.00Photo
173831972531898 $1, DM Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS MS66DMPL48528685$4,950.00Wow! What an impressive DMPL dollar. Blazing white with nicely frosted fields and highly mirrored fields. A rare coin in this grade with only 24 in this grade and 1 higher in MS67!Photo
17384772621899-S $1 Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS MS6649209105$6,250.00The 1899-S is a less often seen date in high grade. This Premium Gem is high end for the issue. Brilliant, softly frosted mint luster complements well-defined motifs, with just a touch of softness on the eagle's breast. No major abrasions are seen, and a loupe reveals only a few small ticks on the cheek.Photo
17406872731901 $1, PL Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarNGC MS61PL3474249013$29,000.00Highly sought-after in any Mint State grade, the 1901 Morgan is furthermore remarkably rare with proof-like fields. This well-struck representative displays moderate mirroring in the fields, with faint lavender-gray patina over both sides. Light, scattered abrasions define the grade, but are not overly detracting. NGC Population is only 2 in this grade with a single coin higher!Photo
17212372721901 $1 Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS MS6250398870$7,150.00A very pleasing coin, lightly toned over all with a bit of russet on the rims. This coin has a relatively clean cheek for a MS62!Photo
17535872721901 $1 Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS MS6249363466$6,250.00Pale, powdery aluminum-grey shows over the entire surface except at the rims, where it gets a tad more gun-metal toned from 3 O'Clock to 6 O'Clock. A very tough date figure into the not-quite-choice grade but overall, the presentation is quite acceptable for this very difficult key date. It is just the kind of lower mint-state 1901 Philadelphia that many collectors dream of finding.Photo
16210472841903 $1 Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS&CAC MS67+42606712$13,500.00What a gorgeous coin! This piece has just about the strongest lustre we have seen on a Morgan dollar, and we buy & sell lots of them! White in the center going to gold on the rims, obviously kept in perfect condition in an album. Sharply struck with a generous, full cheek. This coin is tied for Finest Known in a CAC Population of 2 with none higher!Photo
17397672881903-S $1 Morgan Dollar - Morgan DollarPCGS&CAC MS6745950359$97,500.00This is a date you usually will never see in this grade! This Superb Gem Condition Census coin represents an incredibly important opportunity for the Registry Set collector to acquire one of the finest-known 1903-S Morgan dollars. This is one of the better of the other 3 CAC coins, exhibiting 360 degree lustre, mostly bright white going to a gold on the peripheries and she has a clean cheek. CAC Population is 4 in this grade with none higher.Photo
17252173561921 $1 Peace Peace Dollar - Type 1 High ReliefPCGS MS6350398872$1,025.00Photo
16595573741928-S $1 Peace Dollar - Type 2 Low ReliefPCGS MS64+47298300$3,900.00Flashy white, nice and lustrous and clean surfaces. Also retains a nice, strong strike. Priced to sell compared to a last auction price of $4,320!Photo
16888573781935 $1 Peace Dollar - Type 2 Low ReliefPCGS MS6745690897$28,500.00This Superb Gem exhibits a bold strike, and satiny luster is apparently devoid of abrasions. Tan-gold toning over each side warms the eye appeal. Population: 16 in 67, 0 finer! Tied for Finest Known.Photo
16699775021849 G$1 Open Wreath Gold Dollar - Type 1 Liberty HeadPCGS MS64+49243439$3,750.00Two lower obverse stars are boldly repunched on this With L variety. Straw-gold luster adorns well-struck motifs on each side, with a close to Gem appearance. An excellent first-year type coin, and rare with this being the finest known!Photo
16921575211853 G$1 Gold Dollar - Type 1 Liberty HeadCAC MS64424825013$1,650.00Photo
17487975311854 G$1 Type 2 Gold Dollar - Type 2 Indian Princess Small Head NEW!NGC MS636329501004$4,500.00Scarce type 2 with booming, dynamic luster. Finding a type 2 in such an incredible state of preservation can prove difficult beyond belief.Photo
17438575311854 G$1 Type 2 Gold Dollar - Type 2 Indian Princess Small HeadPCGS MS66+48231319$65,000.00A pleasing lustre and gold tone while most of this gleaming Premium Gem showcases luminous orange-gold surfaces. Frosty mint luster washes over each side, both of which are equally free of post-production imperfections. Liberty's portrait, as well as the wreath bow and agricultural elements, are all pinpoint-sharp. PCGS Population is 5 in this grade with only 3 higher, all in MS67.Photo
17293376541806/4 $2.50 8X5 Stars Draped Bust $2.5 - Type 2 Stars on ObverseNGC MS613751942006$49,000.00Photo
17488276961838 $2.50 Classic Head $2.5 - Classic Head $2.5NGC MS616331568006$5,500.00Trace reflectivity and satiny within the fields, and toned with yellow and orange-gold highlights throughout, a most handsome specimen for the grade.Photo
168886979211895 $2.50, DC Liberty Head $2.5 - Liberty Head $2.5PCGS&CAC PR66+50021188$38,500.00JD-1, High R.4. The mintage of proof Liberty quarter eagles declined ever so slightly in 1895, to 119 pieces. The design elements are sharply detailed throughout, and show an impressively rich mint frost that contrasts profoundly with the deeply mirrored fields. The virtually flawless orange-gold surfaces add to the terrific eye appeal and the high quality within the grade is confirmed by CAC. Population: 8 in 66 (2 in 66+) Deep Cameo, 8 finer. CAC: 7 in 66, 7 finer.Photo
16346578591907 $2.50 Liberty Head $2.5 - Liberty Head $2.5PCGS MS6346798384$695.00Photo
16028978591907 $2.50 Liberty Head $2.5 - Liberty Head $2.5NGC MS644432876004$795.00Photo
16327879421911 $2.50 Indian $2.5 - Indian $2.5PCGS MS6447672985$2,650.00A very nice example of an Indian Quarter Eagle that lacks distractions.Photo
17464079431911-D $2.50 Strong D Indian $2.5 - Indian $2.5PCGS&CAC MS6550359744$92,000.00The present example is CAC approved, being one of just 10 pieces in this grade with 1 higher. Luster is luminous, yielding rich orange-gold color with no obtrusive abrasions. Strike sharpness is outstanding, including on the all-important mintmark.Photo
17535979441912 $2.50 Indian $2.5 - Indian $2.5PCGS MS6549080437$10,250.00Softly frosted honey-gold luster shows no distracting abrasions on this Gem 1912, and only a few faint grazes are seen in the fields with a loupe, none out of line for the grade. The lower headdress feathers exhibit slight softness, but the strike is otherwise pleasing. The 1912 quarter eagle is scarce in MS65, and finer pieces are rare. PCGS Population is 99 in this grade with 10 higher.Photo
16385379491925-D $2.50 Indian $2.5 - Indian $2.5PCGS MS6546930353$1,900.00Photo
14838279491925-D $2.50 Indian $2.5 - Indian $2.5NGC MS666061110015$11,000.00Photo
17389079491925-D $2.50 Indian $2.5 - Indian $2.5NGC MS666960330004$9,900.00A bright, glistening Premium Gem with original wheat-gold luster that has intermingled orange throughout. Well-defined motifs complement the eye appeal, and virtually no field marks are observed. NGC Population is 61 in this grade with only 3 higher.Photo
15862679511927 $2.50 Indian $2.5 - Indian $2.5NGC&CAC MS641628670006$1,250.00Photo
16471779511927 $2.50 Indian $2.5 - Indian $2.5PCGS&CAC MS6445353547$1,175.00Photo
16471979511927 $2.50 Indian $2.5 - Indian $2.5PCGS&CAC MS6445048103$1,295.00Photo
15863079511927 $2.50 Indian $2.5 - Indian $2.5PCGS MS6524709792$1,850.00Photo
17188280461882 $3 Three Dollar - Three DollarPCGS&CAC PR644542065$31,000.00This denomination is highly sought by numismatists and collectors today, and has been actively chased for decades. Proof examples are especially desirable for their added beauty and rarity. Just 76 Proofs were struck in 1882, and few of those survive today. In fact, we would be surprised if even half the mintage survived. This example is housed in an older green-label holder, before the Cameo designation was in use by PCGS, however, the contrast between fields and devices is significant, and dictates a Cameo designation, in our opinion. The fields are deeply mirrored with bright yellow-gold luster on the devices. A few tiny abrasions are noted, which prevent a Gem grade. CAC Population is only this coin!Photo
173977880481884 $3, CA Three Dollar - Three DollarPCGS&CAC PR66CAM47258549$67,000.00The 1884 is considered the rarest business strike produced during the decade, placing added emphasis on the proof examples. A stunning proof, this specimen has obvious orange-peel fields with lovely cameo contrast between the frosty devices and deeply mirrored fields. Both sides are free of marks on this pristine piece and the devices are heavily frosted which you'd expect for a Cameo. CAC Population is only 4 in this grade with just 3 higher.Photo
15499880781798 $5 Large 8, 13 Star Reverse Draped Bust $5 - Type 2 Heraldic EagleNGC --6816808006$13,500.00Liberty's portrait exhibits almost full curl definition; unevenness to the border dentils is attributed to die lapping rather than deficiencies with the strike. On the reverse the eagle exhibit central weakness on the breast feathers, however almost all wing feather detail is present. If you want a more affordable example of an authentic Early Five dollar half eagle, this is for you! Minimally cleaned as well. Minimally cleaned as well.Photo
16649280831802/1 $5 Draped Bust $5 - Type 2 Heraldic EaglePCGS MS64+47412479$87,000.00A substantial mintage of 53,176 Capped Bust Right half eagles was accomplished in 1802, using leftover obverse dies from the previous year that have a 2 punched over the final digit in the date. This Plus-graded Choice specimen exhibits sharply detailed design elements. The well-preserved antique-gold surfaces radiate vibrant mint luster, with outstanding eye-appeal. PCGS Population is 4 in this grade with only 2 coins higher. Incidentally the price jumps to around $140,000-$160,000 for a MS65.Photo
16616980841803/2 $5 Draped Bust $5 - Type 2 Heraldic EagleNGC MS61290251004$17,500.00Sits in an older NGC holder and is Premium Quality! An appealing piece, both sides exhibit warm, even color in medium gold. The strike is superior for a product of the early United States Mint, with both sides nicely centered within uniformly denticulated borders. The design is boldly to sharply defined throughout. Quite smooth overall, especially relative to the assigned grade, this superior quality Uncirculated half eagle would do equally well in a Mint State gold type set or specialized collection of early half eagle varieties.Photo
17406480851804 $5 Small 8 Draped Bust $5 - Type 2 Heraldic EaglePCGS MS6049080706$18,500.00Photo
16701280891806 $5 Round 6, 7X6 Stars Draped Bust $5 - Type 2 Heraldic EaglePCGS --47796173$13,500.00If you are looking for a nice, affordable early gold piece, this is for you! This is the sole early half eagle die variety with a 7x6 arrangement of obverse stars. The minor die sinker blunder makes the right obverse border much more crowded than the left border. BD-6 is also the only Large Eagle die variety with a curl top 6. Nice detail on this coin with a pleasing light orange coloration.Photo
166365456371808/7 $5 BD-2 Capped Bust $5 - Type 1 Capped Bust Large BustPCGS MS64+46092671$69,500.001808/7 $5 Close Date, BD-2, High R.4, MS64+ PCGS. Ex: Harry W. Bass, Jr. Collection. The obverse is free of clashing or cracks. Traces of an underlying 7 appear below the second 8 in the date, and the digits are closely spaced. The 5 and D in the denomination are also close together. BD-2 is the second scarcest variety for the year, made all the more popular by the clear overdate. It is estimated that only 80 to 100 representatives exist in all grades. Radiant mint frost washes over each side of this marvelous near-Gem. The coin is strongly struck from the centers out, including the stars, curls, feathers, and shield. PCGS has rightfully awarded a Plus designation for quality within the grade. Indeed, marks are scant. PCGS Population is 2 in this grade with only a single coin higher in MS65 where the price jumps to over $100k.Photo
17464281061810 $5 Small Date, Tall 5 Capped Bust $5 - Type 1 Capped Bust Large BustPCGS&CAC MS64+10006166$95,000.00What a Premium Quality coin! Outstanding surfaces are super clean and boldly satiny smooth. We can't find any real imperfections here while it is visible with the eye. An intense luster beams boldly from all over. Both sides are a GEM-caliber, original deep yellow gold color. Miss Liberty and every detail are sharply struck and frosted. The eye appeal will spoil you it's so gorgeous! CAC Population is this coin with only a single MS65 higher!Photo
17293481101811 $5 Tall 5 Capped Bust $5 - Type 1 Capped Bust Large BustPCGS MS6446601841$38,700.00Photo
16636681191818 $5 Capped Bust $5 - Type 2 Capped Bust Small Bust Large DiameterPCGS&CAC MS63+46092870$95,000.001818 $5 BD-1, R.5, MS63+ PCGS. CAC. Ex: Harry W. Bass, Jr. Collection. This BD-1 example is one of only 50 to 65 pieces known. The BD-1 obverse is easily identified by John Reich's "notched" star point on each of the 13 obverse stars, unique to the 1818 BD-1 variety among all half eagles. Attractive antique-gold coloration accompanies sharply struck devices throughout each side for excellent eye appeal. CAC Population is this coin with another in MS65 where the price jumps close to if not over $200k.Photo
16048981261820 $5 Curl Base 2, Sm Letters Capped Bust $5 - Type 2 Capped Bust Small Bust Large DiameterNGC MS626605912003$135,000.00Photo
17202283211870-S $5 Liberty Head $5 - Type 2 With MottoNGC AU586531567010$21,500.00Lively surfaces on this near-Mint State 1870-S half eagle show areas of prooflike reflectivity in the protected areas around the date and peripheral lettering. Given the small production of 17,000 coins, some prooflikeness is expected. This golden-colored, well-struck piece is far finer than the average certified survivor, which is either VF35 or XF40. NGC Population is 5 with none higher, making this tied for finest known.Photo
17039483831893 $5 Liberty Head $5 - Type 2 With MottoCAC MS64515375241$1,495.00Photo
154431984951900 $5, DC Liberty Head $5 - Type 2 With MottoNGC PF67UCAM2076579010$95,000.00This captivating specimen is boldly cameoed in finish with sharp field to device contrast. The former areas are deeply mirrored, while the design elements are softly frosted in texture. Vivid medium gold patina and razor sharp striking detail are evident throughout, the surfaces silky smooth in texture and bordering on pristine. NGC Population is 5 in this grade with 3 higher.Photo
15446184041901-S $5 Liberty Head $5 - Type 2 With MottoNGC MS666875504001$3,450.00Very strongly struck as you'd expect for a MS66 grade coin. This coin looks almost proof-like, especially on the reverse and is clean as a whistle regarding distractions.Photo
15793884041901-S $5 Liberty Head $5 - Type 2 With MottoNGC MS662910960001$3,450.00Exhibits very clean surfaces that are Proof-like in appearance.Photo
15639584081903-S $5 Liberty Head $5 - Type 2 With MottoNGC MS656063665002$2,700.00What an attractive coin! She has no distractions and is well struck and has genuine Proof-Like surfaces!Photo
17019784081903-S $5 Liberty Head $5 - Type 2 With MottoNGC MS65954503004$2,300.00Sitting in an Older NGC holder, this brilliant Gem has outstanding 360 degree lustre and has a pleasing natural orange peel skin! Old holder and PQ!Photo
17536085101908 $5 Indian Indian $5 - Indian $5PCGS&CAC MS64+49247212$4,750.00Satiny wheat-gold luster and a sharp strike give this Plus-designated piece terrific eye appeal for the grade. Minimal field marks are discernible with a loupe in the elevated fields. We like the natural orange peel skin as did CAC!Photo
16279384181908 $5 Liberty Liberty Head $5 - Type 2 With MottoPCGS&CAC MS6544753165$3,750.00This coin has that coveted Orange Peel natural skin, strongly struck with clean devices and fields! CAC liked it also. CAC Population is 64 in this grade with only 17 higher.Photo
17346985131909 $5 Indian $5 - Indian $5PCGS MS6322128301$1,995.00Photo
17462385141909-D $5 Indian $5 - Indian $5PCGS&CAC MS644785898$3,250.00Besides being housed in an older green holder, this coin we definitely think is PQ! Lustrous golden-apricot surfaces are sharply struck with full, soft mint luster. This coin has undeniable attractiveness and originality. CAC Population is 638 in this grade with only 17 higher.Photo
17073685141909-D $5 Indian $5 - Indian $5PCGS&CAC MS6547566848$14,750.00With a mintage of more than 3.4 million coins, the 1909-D Indian half eagle is a popular type coin issue in the series. Examples are plentiful through MS64 but elusive in MS65. . This Gem is sharp and satiny with soft wheat-gold luster. Under a loupe, a few unobtrusive field marks are discernible. CAC Population is 17 in this grade with none higher!Photo
17444785251913 $5 Indian $5 - Indian $5PCGS MS646244366$3,500.00A sharply struck, lustrous near-Gem with handsome deep golden-orange color on both sides. Just right for inclusion in a high grade type set or another advanced Indian eagle set.Photo
16800885251913 $5 Indian $5 - Indian $5PCGS MS6548223448$13,000.00The 1913 Indian half eagle is plentiful in MS64, but finer examples like this are scarce. This high-end near-Gem displays rich butter-gold luster and satiny surfaces, with very light abrasions in the left obverse field that limit the grade. PCGS Population is 58 in this grade with only 8 higher.Photo
17379885301915 $5 Indian $5 - Indian $5PCGS MS6449419869$3,950.00An attractive $5 dollar indian, well struck up with all the details you'd expect for a MS64, very clean coin!Photo
16699885311915-S $5 Indian $5 - Indian $5NGC MS626816503009$9,500.00From a mintage of only 164,000 pieces, the 1915-S Indian half eagle is challenging in any Mint State grade, and coins grading finer than MS62 are out of reach for many collectors. This accessible Uncirculated piece displays a pleasing strike and satiny orange-gold luster.Photo
15610085521795 $10 9 Leaves Draped Bust $10 - Type 1 Small EagleNGC MS612030720014$585,000.00Photo
15610185541796 $10 Draped Bust $10 - Type 1 Small EaglePCGS AU559377000$135,000.00Photo
17198685591797 $10 Large Eagle Draped Bust $10 - Type 2 Heraldic EaglePCGS&CAC MS6148984864$130,000.00BD-4 Variety, R-4+Photo
13432185641801 $10 Draped Bust - Type 2 Heraldic EaglePCGS MS6436776895$140,000.001801 $10 Draped Bust, Eagle PCGS MS64 Certification Number 8564.64/36776895 PCGS Population in MS64 is 36, with 4 examples higher in MS64+ and MS65. Most recent auction for a PCGS MS64 with CAC came in Heritage December 2019 Lot #3335 selling for $138,000, a very comparative example.Photo
17198985651803 $10 Small Stars Reverse Draped Bust $10 - Type 2 Heraldic EaglePCGS MS6335487934$79,000.00Photo
17293585661804 $10 Crosslet 4 Draped Bust $10 - Type 2 Heraldic EagleNGC AU556822960002$83,000.00Photo
15610785661804 $10 Crosslet 4 Draped Bust $10 - Type 2 Heraldic EagleNGC MS621869252007$200,000.00Photo
17478685811840 $10 Liberty Head $10 - Type 2 No Motto NEW!NGC AU552007369010$3,850.00A nice early $10 Liberty and it retains a bit of lustre too. No distractions.Photo
17478885851842 $10 Large Date Liberty Head $10 - Type 2 No Motto NEW!NGC AU552024043013$2,900.00All early date Liberty Head eagles are underrated issues, however, especially with the undeniable originality and superior quality offered here. Appealing honey-apricot surfaces are lustrous for the grade with sharp striking detail to all devices save for the obverse stars. Small Date.Photo
17342386161855 $10 Liberty Head $10 - Type 2 No MottoNGC AU581291551001$2,250.00We love the dark orange patina that covers this coin! Just a light bit of wear on the high spots keep it from MS.Photo
17479086221857 $10 Liberty Head $10 - Type 2 No MottoNGC AU533838867009$3,475.00Bright orange and nice for the grade!Photo
17479286281859 $10 Liberty Head $10 - Type 2 No Motto NEW!NGC AU553558333006$2,800.00This is a high grade survivor of an elusive low mintage issue from the immediate pre-Civil War era. Sharply struck throughout.Photo
17479386311860 $10 Liberty Head $10 - Type 2 No Motto NEW!NGC AU533021135020$1,995.00Photo
17479586651872-S $10 Liberty Head $10 - Type 3 With MottoPCGS AU505777196$3,650.00A sharply struck and lustrous AU example with a delightful softly frosted texture. Vivid rose-orange and deep honey colors provide further eye appeal and confirm this coin's originality. Despite being one of the more common Liberty Head eagles from the 1870s, the 1872-S is scarce in an absolute sense and rare in grades above EF.Photo
17403687251893 $10 Liberty Head $10 - Type 3 With MottoPCGS MS6548083015$7,500.00A thick layer of mint frost covers this Gem eagle. Peach-gold surfaces house well-struck motifs, particularly on the reverse. The obverse fields are incredibly smooth as is the reverse with gorgeous orange peel color popping through the lustre. PCGS Population is 11 in this grade with only 3 higher.Photo
17343087421899 $10 Liberty Head $10 - Type 3 With MottoPCGS&CAC MS6525292807$6,900.00Pleasing for the grade and graced with a pleasing orange peel skin and CAC'ed! CAC Population is 18 in this grade with only 6 higher. In MS66 this coin jumps over $12k.Photo
17212487491901-S $10 Liberty Head $10 - Type 3 With MottoPCGS&CAC MS6513669278$4,900.00The 1901-S Liberty eagle is plentiful overall, ideal for type purposes. This CAC-approved Gem example displays vibrant, frosty orange-gold luster and boldly struck design elements. A few faint marks are only discernible with a loupe. CAC Population is 189 in this grade with 56 higher.Photo
17381088751914 $10 Indian $10 - Type 4 With MottoPCGS&CAC MS64+37690851$6,250.00A very attractive $10 Indian, this coin is basically a MS65 in which the value jumps over $10,000. And with a CAC sticker.Photo
17278588781915 $10 Indian $10 - Type 4 With MottoPCGS&CAC MS6534029484$14,500.00Wow! 360 degree lustre adorns this nice and natural gold surfaces. Zero distractions and fully struck, last auction price was $15,600. CAC Population is 26 in this grade with only 9 higher!Photo
17380688841932 $10 Indian $10 - Type 4 With MottoPCGS&CAC MS6521468698$6,250.00A very attractive coin! She has really nice orange peel skin and is gifted with a CAC sticker. In MS66 this coin jumps to over $20k!Photo
17103589071852-O $20 Liberty Head $20 - Type 1 No MottoPCGS&CAC MS6139848551$62,500.00It is not often we see an O-mInt $20 piece in this condition! Remarkedly free of distractions and by some miracle her cheek is clean and full! Minor contact marks in the fields, and, this coin looks very close to Proof-Like! The 1852-O is the perfect issue for collectors looking for a high-grade New Orleans double eagle. CAC Population is 2 in this grade with none higher! In MS62 the price more than doubles.Photo
17446089231858 $20 Liberty Head $20 - Type 1 No MottoNGC AU58447410009$6,900.00This Philadelphia issue boasts a limited mintage of 211,714 pieces and is rarely offered in Mint State. Even the current AU58 coin is conditionally scarce. Deep orange-gold patina with hints of luster complements bold detail on each side, and only slight wear determines the grade.Photo
17398089321861 $20 Liberty Head $20 - Type 1 No MottoCAC MS64515870116$55,000.00This near-Gem pieces such as the present are conditionally scarce, and finer examples are rare. Vibrant, frosty peach-gold luster adorns sharp devices with a radiant, cartwheel effect. A loupe reveals trivial obverse marks that limit the grade, but none are individually bothersome or out of line for the MS64 level. CAC Population is only 4 in this grade with 2 higher. In MS65 this coin more than doubles in price.Photo
16596489381862-S $20 Liberty Head $20 - Type 1 No MottoNGC AU58589762007$8,250.00What's not to like about a $20 Civil War Era gold coin? A light bit of wear characterizes the surfaces on this rarely seen finer coin.Photo
17081989771876-CC $20 Liberty Head $20 - Type 2 With MottoPCGS AU5849040997$9,750.00A more affordable TII , 1876-CC double eagle issue. This coin displays light wear and moderate abrasions, with a concentration of natural copper spots on the Obverse/Reverse, the reverse is close to PL condition. original surface condition adds appeal for collectors who appreciate old-time surfaces.Photo
16712189771876-CC $20 Liberty Head $20 - Type 2 With MottoPCGS&CAC MS6146505422$22,000.00The 1876-CC $20 had a mintage of 138,441 and most served their time in wild west commerce or were sent overseas and held in central and other bank holdings in Europe and South America. This Brilliant Uncirculated example has a totally original look, hence the CAC sticker. Richly toned . A strong luster gleams boldly throughout highlighting the essentially CHOICE quality surfaces. This is a VERY HIGH END example for the assigned grade and the eye appeal surpasses that of a typical MS61 for sure! CAC Population is 36 in this grade with only 8 higher.Photo
17293689891879-CC $20 Liberty Head $20 - Type 3 With MottoNGC AU556822960003$25,000.00Photo
17396490211892-S $20 Liberty Head $20 - Type 3 With MottoPCGS MS6544008942$29,500.00This Gem ranks among the finest 1892-S twenties known to PCGS. The surfaces are vivid light golden-rose and both sides are enhanced by swirling mint luster. Fully struck and exceptionally well preserved for an issue that is typically offered no finer than MS-64.Photo
17185890271895 $20 Liberty Head $20 - Type 3 With MottoPCGS MS6541575836$23,000.00If you want a clean, nice for the grade TIII Double Eagle, this one is for you. Surfaces are natural and exhibit a bit of darker toning on high points.The 1895 Liberty double eagle is plentiful as fine as MS64, but Gems are rare, with only 21 coins reported in this grade at PCGS and NGC combined, PCGS Population is 10 in this grade with only a single coin higher at MS65+Photo
16284190371900 $20 Liberty Head $20 - Type 3 With MottoPCGS&CAC MS64+34271257$3,900.00This coin has the "natural orange peel look", totally natural and attractive with the CAC sticker. CAC population, this is the only 1 in MS64+ with 49 in MS65 & 1 in MS66.Photo
17401790391901 $20 Liberty Head $20 - Type 3 With MottoPCGS MS649347476$5,250.00Photo
17536390391901 $20 Liberty Head $20 - Type 3 With MottoPCGS&CAC MS6548022508$9,750.00Finer examples are surprisingly rare of this date even with the high mintage. This gleaming MS65 displays a needle-sharp strike and only a few tiny marks with full 360 degree lustre and a CAC sticker.Photo
16217190451904 $20 Liberty Head $20 - Type 3 With MottoPCGS&CAC MS6546143899$5,950.00Really attractive with superb lustre and to top it off, CAC gave it the thumbs up!Photo
17107390451904 $20 Liberty Head $20 - Type 3 With MottoNGC MS65223730010$4,250.00This coin is a touch undergraded, we think it is more MS65 or MS66! And premium quality!Photo
17461190531907-D $20 Liberty Head $20 - Type 3 With MottoPCGS MS6649204023$23,500.00Lustre that bursts out from every direction is prominent on this coin. Sharply struck, as well, with exceptional surface preservation. PCGS Population is 29 in this grade with 4 higher.Photo
17402891481908-D $20 Motto St. Gaudens $20 - Type 3 With MottoPCGS MS6549527281$6,900.00The fields are exceptionally clean on this piece, yielding luminous orange-gold mint luster and a vibrant cartwheel effect. Minor handling marks on the high points of Liberty's figure appear to be all that deny an even finer grade. The strike is bold, and eye appeal exceeds expectations for the grade.Photo
15610892061909 $20 St. Gaudens $20 - Type 3 With MottoNGC PF694627321001$1,295,000.00The artistic matte, or sandblast, finish used on proof coins in 1908 proved unpopular with collectors and Philadelphia Mint Superintendent John Landis decided to switch to a brighter, satin finish in 1909. This Satin finish (called "Roman" finish by Walter Breen) was accomplished by simply eliminating the sandblasting step from the manufacturing process. The coins were struck on the medal press from new proof dies, giving them a sharper than usual strike and a satiny sheen from the unworn dies. The finished product was decidedly brighter than the dark matte surfaces of the sandblast proofs, but the slightest wear on the coins would render them indistinguishable from the regular-issue double eagles of 1909. Of the 166 acceptable proofs, only 67 examples were actually sold, making the 1909 issue one of the most elusive proofs of the Saint-Gaudens series. This coin is the finest survivors, a delightful Superb Gem, with razor-sharp definition on all design elements. The pleasing yellow-gold surfaces are impeccably preserved and show the fine-grained texture typical of the Satin finish proofs. Overall visual appeal is tremendous! NGC Population is only this coin, the Finest Known!Photo
16307391581911-D $20 St. Gaudens $20 - Type 3 With MottoNGC MS653768154016$3,900.00A sharp strike and vibrant luster give this 1911-D twenty its eye appeal, complementing honey-gold color and well-preserved, Gem-level surfaces.Photo
17385191611913 $20 St. Gaudens $20 - Type 3 With MottoPCGS&CAC MS64+46005035$21,000.00Not only does the 1913 St. Gaudens have a low mintage of only 168,780, and it remains as one of the most conditionally challenging dates in the series in GEM grade. Above the currently offered MS64+ grade, these become prohibitively RARE for most collectors. It is also graced by a CAC sticker, who liked the nice, orange peel toning. PCGS Population is 39 in this grade with 17 higher, and in MS65 this coin jumps to $100k for a CAC coin!Photo
17201991701920 $20 St. Gaudens $20 - Type 3 With MottoPCGS MS6448812928$6,900.00The 1920 is notoriously one of the biggest condition keys in the series. Satiny orange-gold luster is original, and the devices are largely well defined. A few light abrasions define the MS64 designation. There is a small spot at the left bottom of Liberty's hem.Photo
17488491761923-D $20 St. Gaudens $20 - Type 3 With MottoNGC MS676325879002$13,000.00The 1923-D is the only really available branch mint issue of the 1920s in high grade, making it a popular choice with type collectors. This spectacular Superb Gem exhibits sharply detailed design elements and virtually flawless orange-gold surfaces, with vibrant mint luster and outstanding eye appeal.Photo
17383091771924 $20 St. Gaudens $20 - Type 3 With MottoPCGS MS645015987$2,595.00If you are looking for a nice example of a Saint in and old green holder, this is for you! There is a touch of a dark smear from 9 to 11 O'clock. other wise outstanding lustre.Photo
17402291771924 $20 St. Gaudens $20 - Type 3 With MottoPCGS MS65+1448767$2,995.00Gorgeous and natural orange peel skinned, this higher end Saint has all the details and no defects as you'd expect.Photo
16851391861927 $20 St. Gaudens $20 - Type 3 With MottoPCGS&CAC MS6446177075$2,995.00Lovely royal gold hue infuses the entire surface and embraces a fantastic strike. A refreshing example given the absence of contact marks. And awarded a CAC sticker!Photo
17403791861927 $20 St. Gaudens $20 - Type 3 With MottoPCGS MS66+47257336$5,350.00If you are looking for a higher graded Saint, and want unreal lustre and eye appeal, this is for you!Photo
17463191891928 $20 St. Gaudens $20 - Type 3 With MottoNGC&CAC MS656876586002$3,600.00This Gem orange-gold example displays a bold strike and softly frosted luster, with minimal visible marks.Photo
17245691891928 $20 St. Gaudens $20 - Type 3 With MottoPCGS MS6628907262$3,600.00Highly lustrous and boasts a very original orange cold skin, if you want a higher grade, pretty Saint, this is your coin!Photo
17073374501915-S $2.50 Panama-Pacific Gold Commemorative - Gold CommemorativePCGS&CAC MS65+81124250$5,800.00This $2.5 Pan Pac has a very attractive appearance with a nice original skin!Photo
1375Lot of 4 Uncut 1810s Pennsylvania Currency$450.00Photo
1376Lot of 3 Uncut 1810s Currency$350.00Photo
1050471864 $500 Confederate Bond Framed$650.00Photo
106366Lot of 10- 1935E $1 Silver Certificate$195.00Photo
124558Circa 1860 Franklin Silk Company Uncut Currency Sheet$299.00Photo
124561Franklin Silk Company Uncut Sheet$299.00Photo
129063Lot of 3- Consecutive Choice to GEM Crisp UNC Cinco Peso$150.00Photo
129064Lot of 10- Consecutive Choice to GEM Crisp UNC Cinco Peso$325.00Photo
129065Lot of 27- Uncirculated Cinco Peso Notes$695.00Photo
142791FR.8701914 $5 Federal Reserve Note Chicago S/N: G37734499APCGS CH UNC64PPQ48724168$595.00Photo
142803FR.601917 $2 US Note- Legal Tender S/N: D48016438APCGS AUC 50PPQ48724166$495.00Photo
144089FR.24021928 $20 Gold CertificatePCGS Currency CH VF3548729416$375.00Photo
147957FR1890-J1929 $100 National Currency Kansas City S/N: J00068025A$250.00Photo
148924FR.391917 $1 US Note- Legal Tender S/N: N46530175APCGS CH UNC63PPQ48724167$575.00Photo
150833FR 5191882 $100 Mercer PennsylvaniaPMG CH15NET5004632004$5,500.00Photo
152140FR 2202-D1934A $500 Federal Reserve Note ClevelandPMG VF35EPQ2075220004$2,775.00Photo
155656FR.2001-D1928A $10 Federal Reserve Note Cleveland S/N: D09978765APCGS Currency CHU 63PPQ48729411$265.00Photo
159002FR.2200-L1928 $500 Federal Reserve Note San Francisco S/N: L00013017APCGS Currency VF3045854176$3,500.00Photo
163295FR.2202-G1934-A $500 Mule Federal Reserve Note S/N: G00154820APCGS Currency VF2548726312$2,250.00Photo
170966FR.1225H1900 $10,000 Gold Certificate S/N: M97315 pp A NEW!PMG AU551624145001$5,500.00Photo
171629FR.601917 $2 U.S. Legal Tender Note, CGA CU64CH UNC646064106764$595.00Photo
172474FR.2351899 $1 Silver Certificate S/N:E75445041A$265.00Photo
172617FR.2361899 $1 Large Size Black Eagle Silver Certificate S/N:U96957600U$225.00Photo
172741FR.361917 $1 US Note-Legal Tender S/N: A53736389APCGS CH AU5848724165$425.00Photo
172742FR.601917 $2 US Note- Legal Tender S/N: D70640111APCGS CH VF3548724173$325.00Photo
1212591967 2C New ZealandNGC MS65RB4228107-004$295.00Photo
1256715326681932 10G Netherlands Gold GuildersPCGS MS6442957053$525.00Photo
1328751745S PJ 1/2E Spain Gold 1/2 Escudo$125.00Photo
1430202049881893 6D PF Old Head 6 Pence - VictoriaNGC PR655743913002$648.00Photo
1470912046031887 3D Jub Head 3 Pence - VictoriaNGC PF654621213007$395.00Photo
1470942057761887 Florin Jub Head Victoria - VictoriaNGC PF644621213004$1,550.00Photo
152194Spanish 8Reales Potosi Silver Atocha Shipwreck Coin- NV Philip III85A-184995$2,295.00Photo
152195Spanish 8Reales Potosi Silver Atocha Shipwreck Coin- NV Philip III85A-R98136$2,295.00Photo
152197Atocha Spanish 2Reales Silver94A-0358$2,950.00Photo
1550053885421937 5Sov George VI - George VINGC PF65CAM6687163004$24,500.00Amazing quality and strike for this largest denomination of George VI, the sun-gold, mirrored fields bright and luminous, lending fully to the assigned "Cameo". Generous, golden expanses play into the ever-increasing desirability of this issue, which never seems to diminish when coming to market in any grade.Photo
1558792833321893-J 20 Mk Hamburg - HamburgPCGS MS6146444582$1,150.00Photo
1565633885511826 5 Sov, CA 5 Pounds - George IV England 40 g, .917 GoldPCGS PR63CAM17238743$199,500.00Photo
1612161740421901-R 5 L Italy - ItalyNGC MS632117153032$79,500.00Photo
1663943965641893 5 Sov, DC Victoria - VictoriaPCGS PR66+DCAM47285080$230,000.00Photo
1665878869811910 B 20 Fr 20 Francs - 20 FrancsPCGS MS6547415699$975.00Photo
1665918869821911 B 20 Fr 20 Francs - 20 FrancsPCGS MS6547415700$1,050.00Photo
1665958869861915 B 20 Fr 20 Francs - 20 FrancsPCGS MS6547415703$550.00Photo
1665988869891925 B 20 Fr 20 Francs - 20 FrancsPCGS MS6547415705$975.00Photo
1667461677841624-WA Thaler D-7369 Saxe-Altenburg - Saxe-AltenburgNGC XF456515964020$995.00Photo
1672153888571911 5 Sov, DC George V - George VPCGS PR66DCAM49434609$130,000.00Photo
1692904471771893 2 Sov, CA 2 Pounds - VictoriaPCGS PR65CAM48342650$22,000.00Photo
1696229302681902-AP 5 Rbl 5 Roubles - 5 RoublesNGC MS66321076012$575.00Photo
171988418705SH1340 5 Pah KM-1164 Iran - IranPCGS MS6631977268$5,900.00Photo
1752931893 10 Piece Set 1/2 cr, 1/2 sov, 2 sov 3 Pence, 6Pence, crown, florin, shil, Sov, 5 Sov NEW!$310,000.00Photo
1752941911 4 Piece Set 1/2 Sov, 2 Sov, Sov, 5 Sov$130,000.00Photo
106354Roman Empire Gordian IIINGC AU1999342-180$275.00Photo
115694(1710-13)D 30D French Colonies New World HoardNGC GEN3583461-155$240.00Photo
115695(1710-13)D 30D French Colonies New World HoardNGC GEN3583461-156$240.00Photo
117823New WOrld Hoard NGC GenuineNCS Genuine3583461-200$237.50Photo
117824New World Hoard NGC GenuineNGC Genuine2036161-432$237.50Photo
117827780-793AD Tabaristan Hemidrachm Silk Road NGC AU 3599541-107NGC AU3599541-107$195.00Photo
117828780-793AD Tabaristan Hemidrachm Silk Road NGC AU 3599541-108NGC AU3599541-108$187.50Photo
117829780-793AD Tabaristan Hemidrachm Silk Road NGC MS 3599554-049NGC MS3599554-049$250.00Photo
117833198-217AD Caracalla Denarius Seven Hills Hoard NGC CH VF 2031556-723NGC Ch VF2031556-723$212.50Photo
117841Constantinian She-Wolf & Twins AD 330-340 NGC XF 3819947-120NGC XF3819947-120$137.50Photo
117861Trajan NGC FNGC F2054424-756$137.50Photo
117874Antoninus Pius NGC FNCS F2054445-233$137.50Photo
117877Faustina SR NGC FNGC F2054524-484$137.50Photo
117882Lucius Verus NGC VFNGC VF2054664-518$187.50Photo
117884Commodus NGC ChVFNGC Ch VF2054664-585$212.50Photo
134310Roman Empire Sept Severus AD 193-211NGC CH VF4163879-004$189.00Photo
138242Ionia, Clazomenae 5th Century BC AR Diobol (0.93g)NGC F4276208-009$275.00Photo
138244Roman Empire Maximinus I, AD 235-238NGC CH AU3597813-338$350.00Photo
150384Roman Empire Julia Domna AD 193-217 AR DenariusNGC CH XF4247774008$950.00Photo
152819Kingdom of Macedon Alexander IIÂ$149.00Photo
152820Kingdom of Macedon Alexander IIÂ$149.00Photo
152821Kingdom of Macedon Alexander II$175.00Photo
152822Kingdom of Macedon Alexander II$175.00Photo
152823Kingdom of Macedon Alexander IIÂ Drachm$129.00Photo
154750Phoenicia Aradus Caracalla AD 198-217NGC MS4935922002$750.00Photo
154751Roman Empire Gordian III AD 238-244NGC VF4934477008$135.00Photo
157979Byzantine Empire Justinian I AD 527-565 AE FollisNGC CH VF4934609002$250.00Photo
164223Alexander III, 336-323 BC KINGDOM OF MACEDON AR TetradrachmNGC CH VF6159143015$695.00Photo
164781Early 4th Century BC SICILY, SYRACUSE AE Drachm (Dilitron)NGC F6827512009$325.00Photo
166670c.450-404 BC ATTICA, ATHENS AR DrachmNGC VG2140260003$495.00Photo
166673c.440-404 BC ATTICA, ATHENS AR TetradrachmNGC ChXF6559059001$1,250.00Photo
166684Octavian (Augustus) ROMAN IMPERATORIAL AR DenariusNGC ChVF2140262002$1,100.00Photo
166685Nerva, AD 96-98 SYRIA, ANTIOCH AR TetradrachmNGC ChVF2140262003$495.00Photo
166690Sinatruces, c.93-69 BC PARTHIAN KINGDOM AR DrachmNGC ChVF2140262008$250.00Photo
166692Arsaces XVI, c.78-62/1 BC PARTHIAN KINGDOM AR DrachmNGC ChVF2140262010$350.00Photo
166693Phraates IV, c.38-2 BC PARTHIAN KINGDOM AR DrachmNGC ChXF2140262011$300.00Photo
166695Vologases IV,c.AD 147-191 PARTHIAN KINGDOM AR DrachmNGC ChAU2140262013$350.00Photo

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