Kellogg & Humbert Face Plate SS Central America 31.57 ozt AGW

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Kellogg & Humbert Face Plate SS Central America

Stamped Kellogg & Humbert Assayer/ 490.32 ozt / No 901 / 865 FINE / $8767.46

This once large ingot bar made by Kellogg & Humbert in the 1850s was part of the 30,000 pounds of gold that sank with the SS. Central America during a hurricane in 1857.  It remained 8500 feet underwater off the coast of the Carolinas for 131 years before the wreck was found in 1988.  In 2001, with an arrangement by the California Honor Society ,  a bulk of this ingot was carefully cut away, and  melted to be used to make Kellogg & Humbert restrike coins using the original dies.

Dimensions are 94 mm x 226 mm x and weighs 36.5 troy oz leaving this piece of American history with 31.57 ozt AGW

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