Antique Handel Table Lamp – Ruins of Elephantine Island at Aswan in Southern Egypt

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Antique Handle Reverse Painted Table Lamp

Ruins of Elephantine Island

The Handel Ruins of Elephantine Island table lamp is a magnificent antique piece, exuding timeless beauty and historical significance. Crafted around 1910-1920, it showcases the extraordinary craftsmanship of the Handel Company, renowned for his reverse painted style & lamps. This particular lamp takes inspiration from the captivating ruins of Elephantine Island in Aswan, Southern Egypt, a place steeped in rich history and archaeological wonders.

Standing at an impressive 24 inches in height, this lamp is a true statement piece. Its 18-inch wide shade boasts a stunning portrayal of the Elephantine Island ruins, meticulously rendered in exquisite detail. The scene depicts the ancient architecture, with its sandstone columns and temples, surrounded by the serene waters of the Nile. The color palette and design evoke the mystique and allure of ancient Egypt, transporting you to a bygone era.

The lamp is perched on a finely detailed bronze Handel base, which complements the shade's aesthetic seamlessly. The 6-inch-wide base features intricate motifs, adding to the lamp's overall charm and elegance.

This Handel lamp not only serves as a functional source of light but also as a work of art and a conversation piece. It's a testament to the Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts movements that were prevalent during its creation, harmoniously combining form and function. The Ruins of Elephantine Island at Aswan lamp is a unique and captivating addition to any interior, offering a glimpse into the distant past and an opportunity to appreciate the artistry of a bygone era.

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