Daum Nancy Cameo Glass Seascape Lamp Signed Daum Nancy Cameo Croix de Lorraine

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Daum Nancy Cameo Glass Seascape Lamp

The Daum Nancy Cameo Glass Seascape Lamp is a magnificent and exceedingly rare piece of artistry, hailing from the esteemed Daum Nancy glassworks and dating back to the early 1900s. The skilled craftsmanship expertly renders intricate, multi-dimensional scenes by painstakingly carving layers of glass to reveal the distinctive 'paysage lacustre' (seascape) decor, showcased by this remarkable lamp.

Embodying the hallmark of authenticity, the shade is graced with the signature "Daum Nancy" in cameo, adorned with the revered "croix de lorraine" (Cross of Lorraine), a symbol closely associated with the Daum family and their artistic legacy. This unequivocal signature assures the lamp's provenance and attests to its rarefied origin.

Standing at an impressive 18 inches in height, the lamp commands attention with its captivating seascape design, brought to life by the softly glowing illumination emanating from both the shade and its meticulously crafted wrought iron base. The base, measuring approximately 8 inches in width, complements the overall design, offering stability and elegance.

Despite its age, this Daum Nancy lamp remains in excellent condition, with only minor signs of natural wear around the base, a testament to the enduring quality of Daum Nancy craftsmanship. Both light sockets are in perfect working order, ensuring that this stunning piece can continue to enchant and illuminate any space lucky enough to host it.

This Daum Nancy Cameo Glass Seascape Lamp is not merely a functional source of light but a priceless work of art that transports you to a serene lakeside evening, a testimony to the timeless beauty and enduring artistry of the Daum Nancy tradition.

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