Durand Iridescent gold candy dish c. 1912-1924. Measures 6

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Durand Iridescent gold candy dish c. 1912-1924. Measures 6 in. diameter. Durand Art Glass Vineland Flint, Vineland, New Jersey (1897-1931) Victor Durand (1870-1931), along with his father Victor Durand, Sr., took over the Vineland Glass Manufacturing Company in 1897. Durand had long been involved in glassmaking, serving as an apprentice at the Cristalleries de Baccarat in France, as well as several glassworks in the United States. Up until 1897, Vineland Glass had been involved in the production of cheap bottles and jars. Durand diversified its production, but was still involved with making commercial and functional glass. Upon the retirement of Durand, Sr., Victor Durand took full control of the firm, and by 1900 he had created one of the most commercially successful glassworks in America. Durand had always been interested in art glass, and decided to start his own line in 1925. He hired Martin Bach, Jr., formerly of the Quezal Art Glass Company, as his artistic director. Bach surrounded himself with former Quezal men, and their earliest productions were well within the Quezal vocabulary. However, they were soon to break away and start an inventive line of their own. By 1926, Durand Art Glass had won a first prize gold medal at the International Exposition in Philadelphia. Durand was killed in an automobile accident in 1931. At that time, a merger was underway with Kimble Glass Company. Subsequently, Vineland Flint was absorbed by the Kimble Glass Company, art glass production ceased, and the Quezal team was dismissed. DP DESCRIPTION: Signed circa 1912-1924 measures 1 3/4" x 6 1/4"

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