18K Yellow Gold Designer Leaf Pin by BREV, 6.6g

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One 18K yellow gold designer leaf pin by BREV Undaerre Italy with four synthetic stones.

The leaf is very unique with a circle handmade motif design.

It is stamped BREV on the back along with 18K,  Undaerre, and Italy.

The stones are set in 4 prong 14K white gold heads,  which are soldered  to the middle stem.

From top to bottom it is 3.7mm Cubic Zirconia, 3.9mm

Synthetic Alexandrite, 3.6mmcubic zirconia, 4.00mm synthetic blue sapphire.

(these stones could have definetly been added at a later date for a mother's pin)

The pin measures 2" X 1".  The pin weighs 6.6grams total.

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Yellow Gold

Metal Purity


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