1799 $10 BD-3 Small Obv Stars Draped Bust Gold Eagle

1799 $10 BD-3 Small Obv Stars Draped Bust, Eagle – NGC MS62 Taraszka-15

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Tangible investments is offering a 1799 $10 BD-3 Small Obv Stars Draped Bust Taraszka-15 certified NGC MS62

The Certification Number 45726.62/5743924-016. (NGC Cert Verification)


With virtually all design elements sharply to fully defined, this is an exceptionally well preserved early eagle. Both sides exhibit medium gold patina.

Very Little amount of wear with much of the original satin to modestly semi-prooflike finish can be seen under a light.


Type and Style: Type II: Capped Bust Right, Heraldic Eagle. Style VI: Head of 1795 with 13 small stars arranged eight left, five right; Reverse of 1799 with 13 small stars in the field below the clouds and a short, thick neck on the eagle. The head and eagle punches are attributed to hubs prepared by Robert Scot.

Die Variety: BD-3, Taraszka-15, Breen 1-A, HBCC-3184. This variety represents the only use of this obverse die in the Capped Bust Right eagle series and the third of four uses of this reverse die. On the obverse, the date is wide with even spacing between the digits. Star 9 is close to, but does not touch the letter Y in LIBERTY, and star 13 is also close to the end of Liberty’s bust. Star 1 presents two points to the lowermost hair curl, and close inspection with a loupe reveals a tiny die rust lump in the field to the right of the midpoint of the letter R in LIBERTY. On the reverse, the lowermost arrow head is under the extreme left edge of the letter N in UNITED, a leaf tip just touches the center of the letter I in UNITED, the lowermost berry is centered under the final letter A in AMERICA, and there are small die rust lumps between the letters UN in UNITED and within the top of the N. The faint, jagged die line that usually bisects the letter O in OF on coins struck from this reverse die is no longer present on this coin due to the late die state (see below).

Die State: BD Die State c/d-e. This is the latest known die state of this variety. The obverse exhibits three prominent cracks: from the border outside the letters IB in LIBERTY, through the lower left corner of the B and jaggedly through the field and the forehead curl; from the upper border along the left side of the letter L in LIBERTY, intermittently through the cap and into the middle hair curls at the back of the head; from the border past star 8, curving into the field area between that star and the back of the cap. The reverse exhibits the same cracks as seen on the 1799 BD-2 example in Die State d/c-d offered above, although the crack through the tops of the letters MER in AMERICA is now a bit bolder. Light lapping of the die has removed the faint die line through the letter O in OF and the crack from the border to the second feather from the top of the eagle’s left wing tip, confirming that the reverse die had advanced fully from State c to State d at the time this coin was struck. This coin represents an intermediate reverse die state with additional faint cracks not reported by Dannreuther for the 1799 BD-3 pairing: from the border to the upper right corner of the letter U in UNITED; from the border to the top of the final letter A in AMERICA; and from the border through the letter I to the letter C in the same word. These cracks are bolder and more pronounced on the 1799 BD-4, which we believe represents the full Die State e for this reverse.


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