Key, Rare Date Coins (Large Cents Edition)

Key, Rare Date Coins (Large Cents Edition)

Key, Rare date coins (Large Cents Edition)

July 22 2023 by Ivan Aaron —

Key, Rare Date Coins (Large Cents Edition)
1793 Large Chain Cent AMERICA

We previously discussed key rare date coins and the importance of these coins. More specifically, we discussed half cents and what dates of half cents are more rare. This time we will circle back on key date coins, but focus on large cents.

To recap, key date coins are coins that have unique attributes, or rich histories. They can be coins of low mintage, or coins with a special mintmark of that date.

Key, Rare Date coins — Large Cents

Large cents were cents that, before the time of the “penny”, were used as a cent. A cent being 1/100th of a US Dollar. These coins were usually mostly of copper content . The first large cent was struck in 1793. Thus, the 1793 is a great example of a rare date large cent coin. More examples include:

Our founding fathers touched these coins. That is why the one on our website is with “poor details”. They were circulated heavily — they were the “pennies” of the late 1700s and early 1800s. 

  • 1793 Chain Periods (an amazing chain design on the coin’s reverse…)

The 1793 Chain series is still “under considerable demand” (PCGS), of course for the reason that it was one of the first large cents produced, but also because of its unique design.

Cool Fact: The Large Cents were almost as big as the American half dollar!

  • 1794 Starred Rev
  • 1795 Reeded Edge
  • 1795 Jefferson Hd, PE
  • 1799
  • 1799/8 (another rare coin, even more rare better grades.) 

Nevertheless, these coins are coins with very rich histories. Some of the first currency in America. It is an amazing feat that we still get to experience these today. 

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