Ron Remmer

Ron Remmer

Private Client Sales

If you’re a rare coin collector who’s serious about acquiring specific items and maximizing profit potential, you need someone who loves the numismatic hunt and has a great track record for success. Tangible Investment’s Ron Remmer, who specializes in fulfilling private collection needs, fills the bill.

As a “want list specialist,” Ron has an ever-growing clientele made up of investors and collectors of classic numismatic rarities and bullion. All appreciate Ron’s skills, connections, and tenacity when it comes to finishing the hunt! Ron takes pride in keeping detailed, private records of his clients’ acquisition needs. He’s also there to assist when clients wish to sell their holdings.

Prior to joining the staff at Tangible Investments, Ron held positions with North American Certified Trading/Bowers & Merena, Premium Numismatics, and Superior Galleries. Ron particularly enjoys handling numismatic coins from 1792 to the 19th century. He is dedicated to achieving and maintaining overall client satisfaction and has trained in Total Quality Management/Kaizen Principles.

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