Mike Bonham

Mike Bonham

Sr. Vice President

Mike has been a leader at Tangible Investments for nearly 40 years and takes his commitment to his clients very seriously. His goal is to get to know them on a personal level and provide the very best service, focusing on long-term relationships and relying on repeat and referral business. Remarkably, he is still working with clients he met in the early years of his tenure at Tangible Investments.

Mike is a trusted resource for financial planners, attorneys, and accountants across the country, assisting with estate evaluations and other specialized services. He is also involved in charities where tangible assets are sold.

As an authorized PCGS and NGC dealer, a life member of the ANA, a member of the prestigious PNG, and a Kingdom Advisor Member, Mike has earned recognition and trust in his field.

Mike’s personal achievements in numismatics include:

  • All-time Finest $4 Stella Set as listed on the PCGS Registry
    • 1879 Flowing Hair PR67 CAM PCGS CAC
    • 1879 Coiled Hair PR65+ CAC
    • 1880 Flowing Hair PR66+CAM
    • 1880 Coiled Hair PR65+CAM CAC
  • All-time Finest 1880 Proof Set (1c through $20), which includes both 1880 $4 Stellas. This set was awarded the Gold Award for Best New Set in 2023 by the PCGS Registry and was featured on the front cover of the PCGS Monthly Market Report in August 2023.
  • All-time Finest 1845 Proof Gold Set, the only one existing besides the one at the Smithsonian Institution. This set, which includes the original leather box from the mint in 1845, was featured on the front cover of the PCGS Monthly Market Report in September 2023 and in Numismatic News.
  • 4th Finest Example of America’s First Silver Dollar (1794 Flowing Hair MS63+ PCGS CAC)
  • Two of the Rarest Silver Dollars:
    • 1870-S Liberty Seated Dollar XF40
    • King Farouk of Egypt’s 1870-S Liberty Seated Dollar VF25, which includes the original auction catalog from the 1954 Palace Collection sold in London.
    • This was featured on the front page of the PCGS Monthly Market Report in May 2024.
  • Finest 1802 Bust Dollar PR65+ PCGS CAC
  • Complete and Finest 1891 Proof Set (1c through $20) PCGS CAC
  • Finest 1851 $50 MS65 PCGS CAC
  • 1900-S $5 Liberty Wonder Coin, Old Rattler Holder PCGS MS69 CAC
  • 1909 $20 Saint-Gaudens PR69 NGC

These highlights showcase Mike’s passion and expertise in numismatics, making him a respected figure in the field.

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