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For over 30 years, Tangible Investments has been the premier gallery for collectors seeking the very best in rare coins, precious metals, fine art and jewelry. We purchase and sell the most desirable items available at exceptional value and always treat you like a valued client.

Where It Started

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In 1977, a young entrepreneur and rare coin prodigy named Silvano DiGenova set up his first trading booth at a national coin convention. In 1984, to capitalize on his early success as a rare coin trader, DiGenova founded Tangible Investments of America, Inc. He became a self-made millionaire at age 21.

In 1986, DiGenova co-founded the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and was assigned the task of developing the first grading set, “the standard by which certified grading was established.” Later that year, he brought John Albanese into PCGS to help cement the foundation of certified grading.

In 1987, DiGenova sold his interest in PCGS for 50 times his cost and went on to support John Albanese as he founded the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). In 1989, DiGenova sold his entire inventory to Kidder Peabody Rare Coin Fund at the peak of the market. In 1991, DiGenova formed Tangible Investments of California with noted numismatist Dwight Manley, but sold his interest and the company was renamed and also went on to be a public entity.

Our Evolution

"What began as a young boy’s passion for rare coins is today a diverse gallery of unique and beautiful finds that stands as one of the most respected names in the collectibles industry."

DiGenova moved to California in 1991, where he opened a rare coin and fine art gallery known as Tangible Asset Galleries. DiGenova brought this entity public in 1999 during the height of the dot-com craze. At its peak, Tangible Asset Galleries’ market cap value exceeded $100 million.

Next, Tangible Assets acquired Keystone Coin in Pennsylvania and, within a year, Superior Galleries, a 70-year-old Beverly Hills firm. As CEO of the newly merged company known as Superior Galleries of Beverly Hills, DiGenova headed up what was then the largest rare coin auction house in California.

DiGenova successfully orchestrated the sale of Superior Galleries for nearly $20 Million in stock to another public company, Dallas Gold and Silver. It was at this point that the new Tangible Investments reopened in Newport Beach. Our latest home is in a wonderful building with a prime location at 1910 Pacific Coast Highway, Laguna Beach.


"A collection of rare and semi-rare U.S. gold coins including an 1896 Indian penny, a 1909 $2.5 gold piece, an 1882 Morgan silver dollar, assorted wheat pennies and silver dimes and (2) American Eagle gold bullion coins.In recent months, these coins have dramatically increased in value."

A Message From Our Founder

Dear Concerned Investor:

My name is Silvano DiGenova and I have been involved in the rare coin and precious metals business for over 40 years. I’m a self-made man who at a young age took hold of the American dream by turning my passion into my business. I have made my fortune by assisting others in profiting in coins and precious metals, and wish to share my expertise with others.

I was fundamental in two dramatic changes that greatly assisted investor’s, certified grading and electronic trading of coins and precious metals. (Co-founder of both the Professional Coin Grading Service and Certified Coin Exchange). I have shown thousands of investor’s ways to profit. My recommendations, unlike most in our field, have not always been BUY recommendations but often SELL recommendations. I have been a guardian of my clients’ money, and tied my fortune to their gains. In 1999 we strongly recommended selling pre-1964 junk silver coin when the premiums reached 100%. We had countless individuals switch to 100 oz. bars when the hysteria dictated they needed “Barter Money”. Our clients doubled their silver position and profited hugely!

Today, many are investing in stocks that trade at PE’s of 600 and 116 respectively. These are pre-“” bubble multiples. The Fed is printing money like never before. Our National Debt has tripled since 2000 and now tops $17 Trillion, a number so large, virtually no one can comprehend it.

Our Debt is greater than the GDP of all the European Union countries combined. That’s England, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and twenty-three more countries.

When the “smart money” like Hedge Fund managers and billionaire investors are diversifying into gold, and when countries like China, India and OPEC nations are hoarding the precious metal, isn't it time to take a closer look?

Many consumers have nearly all of their investments in paper assets such as stocks and money market funds (I personally also have some of these types of assets). However, in today’s environment diversification, it's not only wise but essential. In the pages that follow, we will illustrate that the stock market has frequent and severe corrections. It is precisely during these times that gold and tangibles are the saving grace. Tangibles even outperform the fluctuations and provide insurance against such turmoil. We at Tangible Investments specialize in these hard assets. We can provide you with tax free exchange into gold and precious metals IRAS. We can offer you pre-1933 U.S. gold for direct delivery, which offers private portable and liquid diversification for your portfolio. We have sold some of the greatest American rarities which have performed astronomically. We are here to serve you and our experienced staff is always available.


Silvano DiGenova
President, Tangible Investments

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