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At Tangible Investments, we specialize in connecting collectors and investors with exceptional, rare, and high-value tangible assets. Our meticulously curated collection ranges from rare coins and exquisite jewelry to unique art pieces and antiques, each with its own rich history and investment potential. With our expert team’s deep knowledge and commitment to quality, we ensure a trustworthy and enlightening experience for both seasoned collectors and newcomers alike, making the world of tangible asset investment accessible and rewarding.

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With over four decades of distinguished experience, Tangible Investments stands as a beacon in the numismatic world, guiding coin collectors and investors through the intricate tapestry of rare and valuable coins. As proud members of the Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG) and with a CEO who helped found the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), our expertise is not just a service but a legacy, woven from years of passion and precision in the art of coin collecting. Whether you are looking to meticulously curate your collection, seeking the perfect moment to sell, or aiming to diversify your investment portfolio with tangible assets, we are your trusted partner.

Fine Jewelry at Wholesale Prices

Tangible Investments is your premier destination for acquiring luxury fine jewelry at wholesale prices, offering an exceptional collection that embodies elegance and sophistication. Our distinguished team includes members affiliated with the prestigious Gemological Institute of America (GIA), ensuring that every piece of jewelry we offer meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. With our insider access to the world of fine jewelry, we are able to provide our clients with exclusive pieces at unparalleled prices. Whether you are seeking timeless elegance or contemporary chic, Tangible Investments is your gateway to the world of exquisite jewelry, where luxury meets value.

View Our Inventory of Luxury Watches

Tangible Investments has an exclusive array of luxury watches for both men and women at exceptional wholesale prices. Our selection features iconic brands such as Rolex and Patek Phillipe, perfect for those who appreciate sophisticated design and superior craftsmanship. Whether you’re in the market for a bold statement piece or a classic investment, our extensive range caters to diverse styles and special occasions, ensuring you find the perfect watch to elevate your collection.

Check Out Our Extensive Collection of Antiques

At Tangible Investments, we boast an extensive collection of antiques that caters to a variety of interests. Whether you’re drawn to the unique glow of Tiffany Lamps, the refined beauty of fine arts, the dynamic forms of sculptures, or the timeless elegance of fine antique furniture, we have something to captivate your imagination. Explore our diverse inventory and discover a piece that truly resonates with your aesthetic at Tangible Investments.

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From rare coins and bullion to fine jewelry, art, and antiques, our collection is rich with treasures. If you seek something special not in our inventory, our experts are committed to finding it for you. Discover your perfect treasure with us!


Turn your treasures into cash with Tangible Investments. Sell your rare coins, jewelry, art, and antiques to Tangible Investments for top-market payouts. We offer free appraisals, ensuring you receive the best value for your treasures with ease and confidence.


Over 40 Years of Experience and $2 Billion in Transactions

For over 30 years, Tangible Investments has been the premier gallery for collectors seeking the very best in rare coins, precious metals, fine art., and jewelry. As a market-leading numismatic dealer and auctioneer, we purchase and sell highly desirable items for very competitive prices.

At the core of Tangible Investments lies the expertise of Silvano DiGenova, a renowned figure in coin collecting and an expert in grading and marketing antiques. His notable standing in the field stems from significant acquisitions and sales of some of the United States’ most significant numismatic pieces, leading to transactions exceeding $2 Billion. This success positions Tangible Investments not just as a leading rare coin dealer in the U.S., but also as the foremost purchaser in the nation. DiGenova’s exceptional qualifications, which include the creation of grading standards for the rare coin sector, along with substantial financial backing, have established Tangible Investments as a pivotal influencer in the marketplace.

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Ron Remmer from Tangible Investments took the time to answer all the questions I asked with respect and patience. Although he deals with this everyday, these were waters that my siblings and myself felt uncomfortable in and we needed to choose the right place to sell deceased father-in-law’s coin collection. His estimated appraisal/offer was spot-on in comparison with other appraisals we received. He was knowledgeable, fair and ethical. We felt comfortable with using his establishment.

Donna D.

I have known Silvano and the people at Tangible Investments for a long time. Silvano is one of the premier experts in the Rare Coin industry as well as being extremely knowledgeable in several other areas of antiques and collectibles. Over the years, we have done a great deal of business. Silvano is always fair and will go out of his way to make sure that the transaction is beneficial to both parties.

William C.

We’ve done our homework before we came to this business to sell a few coins that we have been holding for some time. Gage assisted us with our transaction on that day and he was very polite, engaging and gave us a better deal than we expected. We highly recommend this place as they have been in business in Laguna Beach for many years specializing in rare coins exchanges to buy and sell.

Tabisky C.

The Company We Keep

Tangible Investments is proud to be a long standing member with several prestigious professional associations, which serve as a testament to our expertise and commitment to excellence in the field of numismatics and tangible assets. Our membership in these organizations reflects our dedication to upholding the highest industry standards and staying at the forefront of the numismatic and tangible asset world.

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